Aequinox Token Sale Session Now Available on P2PB2B Exchange

Aequinox Token Sale Session Now Available on P2PB2B Exchange

On the P2PB2B exchange, the Aequinox token sale session has already begun.

Until October 8, you can purchase the tokens and sign up for the project’s community. The P2PB2B exchange will list the tokens after the token sale. Here is a summary of the project in the interim.

What is Aequinox?

Aequinox Dex is a community-driven decentralized exchange that supports oracle data price sensing on the Binance Smart Chain, multi-token and weighted pools, automated portfolio management, and liquidity deepening. With a ve-gauge voting system, it optimizes yield farming and liquidity mining potential while enabling the creation of custom crypto indexes with up to 8 tokens.

Trades can be made between two or more tokens in Aequinox Balancer Pools. To earn swap fees, liquidity providers deposit their tokens in the pools.

Aequinox adopts powerful features to reduce gas prices, boost capital efficiency, enable arbitrage with zero token starting capital, and pave the way for customized AMMs.


The project’s main objective and vision

With extremely low slippage and fees, Aequinox wants to establish itself as the leading decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain that can support significant swaps for stablecoins and frequently traded pairs.

A full-suite trading platform without the need for centralized or custodial holdings will eventually be created by The Aequinox. We are looking to integrate features of a long/short platform, a portfolio tracking system, alerts for things like overleveraged positions or stop losses, and various other advanced trader utilities.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to invest in decentralized cryptocurrencies while giving more experienced traders the option to use the tools available on Aequinox to execute specific trading strategies.

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