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  • We want to help our advertisers to get the most out of their bitcoin marketing campaign. Below you can find more information on how to advertise with bitcoins.
  • We Accept advertising offers from ICOs ,blockchain startups or any Cryptocurrency related business or entity.
  • Advertisers have access to our  Ad server panel, where they will be able to monitor and see the views, clicks and impressions from your advertising campaign.

We have Several Ad spots, See below from the screenshot

ZyCrypto Advertising spots

  • Header Ad Available    $250
  • Sidebar -Ad 1 Available     $100
  • Sidebar-Ad 2 Available         $100
  • Sidebar-Ad 3 Not Available Now    $100
  • Top inline Article Ad Available    $150
  • Middle inline Article Ad Available     $150
  • Bottom inline Article Ad Not Available Now     $200
  • Footer Ad Available    $80

All Ads are on rotation of maximum of three banners per spot which operates on our Ad-server, but you can buy up the spot fully for only your banner by paying for 3 banners for each spot that you are interested in advertising on, and we are open for price negotiations if you want to buy an Ad spot fully for just your banner alone.

Some of the Advantages of buying an Ad spot for your banner alone are listed below..

  • Maximum visibility
  • Your banner is uploaded directly on ZyCrypto’s server, so visitors using Ad blockers will still see your banners.

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