AAptitude Marketplace: Powering Secure Trading Revolution On The Blockchain

AAptitude Marketplace: Powering Secure Trading Revolution On The Blockchain

As crypto adoption continues to grow, one of its key use cases is in payments. However, not enough places have adopted crypto as a means of payment. AAptitude is a marketplace that is trying to change that. The marketplace is making it possible to pay for everything using cryptocurrencies.

Like a traditional escrow, AAptitude will take care of all crypto/fiat conversions so that shops can pay with any crypto and merchants can choose to accept any fiat or crypto they like. In addition to making crypto payments easier, AAptitude seeks to revolutionize the security of blockchains through several innovative utilities.

An escrow marketplace

Anyone in crypto must have heard of the word escrow. Escrows are marketplaces that facilitate transactions between two parties even in crypto peer-to-peer trades for instance. The trade is finalized once both parties meet the conditions for the trade. Escrows ensure that no frauds are committed in the process of trades, which gives some form of security. However, they fall short of providing the anonymity that crypto and blockchain are known for.

AAptitude will provide a first-of-its-kind blockchain escrow platform that offers both security and anonymity. It will be a marketplace where vendors can set up shop, advertise, and sell their goods and services while buyers browse and choose the goods and services they wish to buy. 

Only vendors who wish to create shops will be required to undergo KYC and AML screening but buyers will enjoy anonymity when they buy. Just like in a traditional escrow, funds will be held in the marketplace’s escrow locker until any dispute concerning a trade is resolved. Both fiat and crypto tokens like AAPT will be used in the marketplace and 2% is charged on transactions to support the platform.


The marketplace launched today 2 May 2022 and both vendors and buyers can now visit to buy or set up shops to sell.

AAPT token

The project’s native token, AAPT is a hyper-deflationary token built on Binance Smart Chain. Its primary purpose is to improve security in the crypto space. The token will be used for two-fold purposes. The first is to create a near-completed (final stages of beta testing) video game into the AAptitude ecosystem and deploy an Escrow Marketplace that allows buying and selling using crypto.

Both projects are in their final stages and will be released in stages as they progress. They will also help in deflating the supply of the token through buyback and burn functions. More interesting use cases will be added in the future that will make interacting with the token more fun and provide incentives for holding it for long. Unlike most projects that only facilitate the trading of tokens, AAptitude seeks to create a whole ecosystem that focuses on utility and facilitating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. 


AAptitude has partnered with top projects in the crypto space, the result of one of which is the game Last Game Standing. This is a video game that will be tied to the AAPT token to facilitate the buyback and burn of the token via revenue generated by in-game microtransactions (loot boxes) for cosmetic skins and items. This will encourage trading in the game in which users can gather friends,  build a base, add a factory, some turrets, teleporters, doors, foxholes, and decorations, and then move on out to dominate.

The game will be powered by Steam and in-game purchases will only be available with fiat. A portion of the purchases will however contribute to a Buyback and Burn of $AAPT. future developments of the AAptitude marketplace will facilitate the purchase of skins/loot boxes with $AAPT at a discounted rate and promote the sale of skins/loot boxes. 

Players of the game can sell their in-game items in return for Steam credits, therefore utilizing the AAptitude marketplace will be one of the only ways to sell rare items you have acquired or purchased in-game for exchangeable currency.

While Last Game Standing is built in partnership with TailfinGames, other partners include CoinEX, Fox Business, and DTC.