6th “Hit AI & Blockchain” Summit Held in Taipei, Evaluating Taiwan’s Blockchain And AI Industry


Taiwan’s blockchain and cryptocurrency industry could grow to new heights following the recently concluded 6th “Hit AI & Blockchain” Summit.

The Summit held on February 15, 2023, gathered leaders from around the world who came together to explore the direction of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in Taiwan. These leaders discuss ways to help Taiwan’s AI and blockchain industries continue to flourish and make more progress in the future.

The Summit was initiated and organized by KNOWING New, SR-Tech Media, and Bitnance. The “Hit AI & Blockchain Summit” focuses on the current status and the future of Blockchain and AI. During the Summit, industry leaders discuss in-depth topics, including 5G, AI, smart cities, Central Bank Digital Currency, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and more.

During the event, Audrey Tang, the Digital Affairs Minister, explained that the government’s role is to explain viable prototypes to allow more people to join the industry. According to Tang, the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) seeks to normalize the use of Web3 technology by promoting the use of trusted methods. MODA believes that a properly designed machine can promote more mass participation.

Also in attendance, Former Taipei Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan pointed out that blockchain can be the solution to protecting the security of relevant data. Huang Shan-shan hopes the government can increase its efforts to promote the massive adoption of emerging technologies. She hopes the government can create an excellent regulatory system for these technologies for the people of Taiwan.


Appealing to the government to lead the people of Taiwan by providing a more visionary and macroscopic vision, Former Chairwoman of NDC and Chief Convener of Taiwan Blockchain Alliance Chen Meil-ing stated:

“With a complete policy, I believe that in the development of emerging technologies, we can move like a rabbit and make rapid progress!” 

Chen Meil-ing emphasized that the Taiwanese market is ready to devote its efforts to promoting the Metaverse and Web3 like many other countries across the globe.

During the Summit, an award ceremony, “The 5TH Blockchain Authority of Value,” was also conducted. The award ceremony invited four female leaders. These were Nicole Chan, the Former NCC Chairwoman, and  Chen Mei-ling, the Former Chairwoman of NDC & Chief Convener of Taiwan Blockchain Alliance. The other two were Former Taipei Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan and Jaclyn Tsai, Chairperson of the Taiwan Women on Boards Association & Co-Founder of Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law.

The four presented awards to Paul Fan as Co-Founder & CEO of CYBAVO for Person of the Year, ACE Exchange for Most Trusted Centralized Exchange, MaiCoin Group for Best Crypto Currency & NFT Service Group, and AIspeakin Voice Transcription Service of Ubestream for Best AI Semantic/ Voice Solution.