5 NFT Collections Gaining Traction In 2022

5 NFT Collections Gaining Traction In 2022

NFTs are a recent invention in the blockchain industry that has piqued our interest. For some, NFTs have the potential to disrupt the art and entertainment industries and the digital transformation of both intellectual and physical properties.

Today, we’ll highlight some of the most interesting projects in the NFT business for the current year. 

Yeti Secret Society

An elite club awaits those who invest in the Yeti Secret Society program. Exclusiveness is seen as a winning approach by the group. 

Investors frequently evaluate an NFT’s rarity when deciding it. The developers of Yeti Secret Society believe that the club’s exclusivity and rarity will help it increase in popularity.

A “Club” is the focus of the team’s work. The benefits of this club will be available to all Yeti NFT owners. 


As part of the project’s development, the club’s exclusive offer will include a 600-person boat voyage to Monaco. Members and celebrities will be able to host parties and other gatherings on the team’s rented islands.

The Yeti Yacht Club and a group of MMO game developers called Sapphire Studios have joined forces. As a result of this agreement, the project will include an MMO game and the Metaverse system.

These creators have worked on a variety of online initiatives before. Thus, The Yeti Secret Society’s founders are well-versed in the field. A pre-mint registration is being offered so that everyone may get their hands on these new NFTs before anybody else.

Twitter and Discord are the team’s primary social media outlets.

Crypto Baristas

In Season 1 of Crypto Barista, sixty caffeine-loving individuals were introduced, whose ownership led to the conception and launching of the World’s First NFT-Funded Café.

Owners of Crypto Baristas may enjoy free coffee for the rest of their life at any café or website they want. Additionally, the proprietors of the project hold the “Barista Bank,” a 15 percent reserve fund established from the enterprise’s profits.

The Crypto Barista initiative or a new business venture may all benefit from the Barista Bank.

Many NFT projects have governance, community, and ownership challenges that need to be addressed by this effort.

Every time a new coffee-related activity is introduced, all token holders profit and have a voice in the project’s governance.

The purpose of Crypto Baristas is to deliver a high-quality cup of coffee that directly helps the industry’s producers and stakeholders. It also aims to address social and environmental issues while developing new revenue streams.

Vee Friends

VeeFriends were first made available for purchase on the official website for the NFT collectible collection. Since then, these NFTs have only been made accessible on the secondary market through Ethereum-based NFT platforms like OpenSea. 

Utilizing VeeFriends has a distinct benefit since it has the full backing of a well-known businessman. Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk is now the Chairman of VaynerX and the Chief Executive Officer of VaynerMedia. He is renowned for embracing cultural and technology trends early on.

The greatest place to purchase VeeFriends NFTs right now is OpenSea. They used to be able to be bought straight from VeeFriends, but these days everything is done on the secondary market.

Veefriends’ entire 10,255 NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are accessible to everyone. Each of these pieces of art features distinct creatures with various backgrounds and rarity ratings. The cost of the NFT is mostly based on its rarity score. 

The NFTs from Veefriends are really helpful in the actual world. Every ticket holder is welcome to attend Veecon, Gary Vaynerchuk’s annual conference that draws thousands of participants, including several well-known business people.

FlyFish Club

Another of Gary Vaynerchuk’s projects, Flyfish Club (FFC), is the world’s first NFT private dining club for members. Private dining will be available to Flyfish New York City members in a 10,000+ square foot dining area.

The founders explained it costs 2.5 ETH to buy the normal Flyfish membership, while the Flyfish Omakase membership costs 4.25 ETH and gives you entrance to the omakase room.

If you have an ordinary Flyfish membership, you can reserve a table for eight non-token-holders. Only one additional person is allowed in the omakase room if you reserve a table for the same number of people at Flyfish. 

Because it’s an NFT membership, you may lease or sell your subscription whenever you choose. Like Gary Vaynerchuk’s previous undertakings (such as Vee Friends), the Flyfish membership is expected to increase in value over time. 


Play-to-earn football management game Dribblie features soccer players from throughout the world. Playing football is one of the best ways to make money, and NFTs allow you to make this dream come true.

Deflationary policies are a major focus of this NFT initiative. With a deflationary NFT ecosystem, assets are likely to gain in value over time. One of the game’s unique burning/staking methods is used to create a deflationary framework.

Dribblie has implemented a wide range of strategies in order to assist you in earning money while doing what you enjoy. 

Players are assigned a unique NFT based on the clothing they’re wearing and the race they represent in Dribblie. All players in the game have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, whether they be Titans, Humans, Robots, or Aliens.

Players will be able to exchange NFTs corresponding to in-game assets on the Dribblie marketplace. Gas fees will be completely removed while transaction costs are kept to a minimum.