4 Best Performing Cryptocurrencies For The Week Of July 11-18

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The performance of the cryptocurrency market in the last seven days was average as the prices of the top 20 digital assets experienced a significant fall, soon after the market bull run.

However, there are several other digital assets that pulled their socks to climb higher on the price curve despite the storm that blew over the market. This article will introduce readers to a few of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the last seven days.

Stronghold Token (SHX)

Stronghold Token was the best performing asset in the last seven days with a percentage rise of 622%. SHX strived through the stormy market to record a current trading price of $0.00168 as at the time this article was being written.


On 11 July 2019, SHX was trading around $0.000179 but climbed up slowly on the price curve to lead thousands of cryptocurrencies. It currently has a market cap of $1.7 million, the available supply of 1 billion and a total supply of 100 billion.


Tarush (TAS)

TAS is a cryptocurrency with a total supply of 21 billion. It emerged as the second-best performing cryptocurrency in the last seven days according to the CoinMarketCap analysis. It had a 24 hours change of 23% and a weekly change of 405%.


On 11 July 2019, TAS was trading at $0.000234 but dropped further to record a weekly low of $0.00020 on 15 July 2019. In just three days, it bounced back significantly to record a current price of $0.00127.



DXR came into the scene with a percentage price surge of 196%. On 12 July 2019, DXR was trading at $33 but climbed higher on the price curve to trade at $154 on 17 July 2019. Currently, DXR is trading at $155 and it has a total supply of $103 million.

Global Currency Reserve (GCR)

GCR is one of the few old digital assets that made it to the list. It was introduced on the CoinMarketCap rankings in 2016 and has for the last seven days recorded a positive price change of 191%. It recorded its weekly low on 12 July 2019 with a trading price of $0.039 and a weekly high of $0.16 on 16 July 2019. It is currently trading at $0.127.

Global Currency Reserve

Among the highest-ranked cryptocurrencies, Litecoin was the best performing cryptocurrency with a weekly change of 15%, followed by Bitcoin SV with a weekly change of 11%. Bitcoin had a weekly change of 2%.