3Space Art Launches Its Revolutionary NFT Platform

3Space Art Launches Its Revolutionary NFT Platform

3Space Art, a virtual, hybrid art platform for physical and remote users, is thrilled to announce the launch of its NFT platform.

As per the announcement, 3Space Art has officially launched its NFT platform to facilitate the widespread use of digital art in the real world. The NFT platform seeks to help artists easily transition from the physical environment to the virtual space. Notably, the platform will give creators a safe environment to showcase their works during online and offline events.

The NFT marketplace is the primary market where artists and collectors can sell and buy artwork. The marketplace helps beginners and experts with onboarding, marketing, and NFT minting processes.

While commenting on the launch, 3Space Art co-founder Yoon Kim stated: 

“The NFT trend has given opportunity and hope for artists, and a new wave of creativity and expression has entered the scene. Our goal is not to waste these beautiful creations and allow more people to see it in their daily lives – during a commute, during work – so that they too can experience the change.”


Serving as the bridge between these worlds, 3Space Art brings together artists from all walks of life, uniting them with a common goal of making digital art more accessible. Note that the platform encourages creators to work together and forge a cooperative community that captures the audience outside the metaverse.

In addition to the NFT marketplace, the platform has two other main components: the offline exhibition and the Art Pool. 

The Art Pool is designed to incentivize artists and collectors to showcase in offline events and exhibitions. To use this tool, artists and collectors must deposit their NFTs in a smart contract pool, giving 3Space Art the rights to display the artwork in online and offline events. Notably, all proceeds will be distributed to artists and collectors participating in the pool during a commercial event.

3Space Art will be working with different offline venues and event organizations to showcase work from the Art Pool for the offline exhibition. The platform will be working with these entities on a monthly subscription basis to stream digital art on the NFT display frame in their homes and offices.

Currently, 3Space Art is working with Makerspace, a University-funded IoT research center, to create a digital frame optimized for high-definition digital art. Production of these frames is expected to be released by the end of 2021, while their product is set for the second half of 2022.