$1.7m Raised in 12 weeks! Could Chancer Be the Next Big Play for Crypto Whales?

$1.7m Raised in 12 weeks! Could Chancer Be the Next Big Play for Crypto Whales?

After 2022 was known as the year of the crypto winter, 2023 will become known as the crypto spring as new and established projects begin to flourish again. Crypto whales looking to make it big by the end of this year and well into next are already scouring the market for the next project to go big.

Enter Chancer, the new online betting project that uses blockchain technology to take on the big-name centralized bookies at their own game and win big. With its 12-stage presale aiming to build a $15 million market cap before listing on BitMart and other exchanges, here’s why Chancer isn’t just another moonshot punt in the dark but akin to holders holding a royal flush.

Chancer: A crypto pioneer for crypto whales

One thing linking crypto holders is the desire to make yields. The more significant potential a project has, the more crypto whales will be drawn toward it. With the natural volatility of crypto markets often delivering sensational profits into the wallets of particularly bullish adherents, many see Chancer as the next crypto about to go into orbit.

Since launching its ICO at $0.01, Chancer has already raised $1.7m towards its market cap target in just 12 weeks. Chancer is proving itself to be far more than another long-shot bet; it’s as close to a banker as holders are likely to find in the crypto sector this year. This confidence is fed by a unique value proposition that makes it stand out from the crypto crowd and its enormous innovation aiming at a huge growth market in online betting.

Locked and loaded – Becoming an online betting giant!

Whether at racecourses worldwide, across croupier tables in Vegas and Monte Carlo, or from the comfort of their sofas, punters worldwide are spending more time, and money in the hope of winning big.


Last year, the global betting industry was valued at more than $60 billion, with growth projected to take this market cap beyond $150 billion by 2030. Estimates are that by then, more than 25% of the world’s population will be betting regularly, giving Chancer a huge juicy target to aim at.

How will it win big? Rather than using a centralized bookmaker to set markets and odds on a select number of events with only one winner — the bookies. Chancer is bringing a brand-new decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) online predictions model to market. This revolutionary approach looks set to rip up the rule book and seriously challenge the status quo in the online betting sector.

By putting punters in direct contact with each other, Chancer allows users to set markets and odds on almost any event imaginable. Whether that’s a fun bet between friends or colleagues on the outcome of a round of mini golf or launching a market on the Rugby World Cup, Chancer puts punters in total control of their online betting experience without intervention from a biased centralized body.

Users can think of a bet, create the market, and let all-comers take it on.

Meet the Kelbies: The brothers behind the betting revolution

The brains behind this exciting venture are the Kelbie brothers, Adam and Paul. Long-time betting enthusiasts and sports fans, the Kelbies became increasingly disillusioned by being presented with odds weighted against them by faceless global betting corporations. As with so many brilliant new ideas, the thinking behind Chancer began over a beer in the pub. Fast forward a few months, and the brothers find themselves at the helm of one of the crypto world’s most unique and trailblazing new projects.

Everything about the brother’s approach breathes fresh air into the musty world of online betting. Adam and Paul are committed to the venture’s success and immersed in the community. Users can ask questions and provide feedback and ideas while taking on amusing challenges such as eating hot wings or taking the brothers on at FIFA.

This community-driven approach goes beyond providing punters with a genuinely enjoyable betting experience that starts and ends with the thrill of the win. Building on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) illustrates a commitment to providing bettors with a safe and secure environment. With a team of neutral moderators ensuring fairness in markets and odds, never before have punters been exposed to a betting platform with a conscience quite like Chancer.

The Chancer presale – and beyond!

As if Chancer’s approach to its platform wasn’t pioneering enough, they invited huge interest from crypto whales, adherents, betting fans, and everyone else with an eye for a bargain with its ground-breaking ICO.

The CHANCER token, which unlocks access to market creation and betting opportunities, launched at $0.01 and will increase in value throughout the presale to $0.021. At this stage, once Chancer has achieved its $15 million market cap, the CHANCER token launches on the prestigious BitMart crypto exchange.

While the presale gives new holders access to a fabulous coin at knockdown prices, there’s more. Chancer is launching an array of outstanding offers and giveaways throughout its presale, beginning with a $100k token giveaway where ten lucky winners will share a prize pot of $100k in CHANCER tokens.

Once the platform goes live, there are several opportunities for users to earn passive income. Punters who create engagement by opening new markets, encouraging new users, and with an excellent take up on their odds— gain rewards for their efforts in the form of CHANCER tokens—making Chancer the platform that can’t stop giving!

With coins currently available in stage 2 of the ICO, priced at just $0.011, it is time for interested crypto whales to get their coins at knockdown prices and potentially make serious returns when Chancer goes public. With the bull market rally expected to last well beyond 2025, there’s never been a better time to get involved with one of the most innovative new ideas in crypto.

Take part in the CHANCER presale here.