0x (ZRX) Price Up Over 15% as Coinbase Announces full support for ZRX on Coinbase.com

0x (ZRX) Price Up Over 9%, as Coinbase Announces full support for ZRX on Coinbase.com

Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Powerhouse, Coinbase, is seriously aiming to become the ‘Google of crypto‘ as it keeps on launching more updates and support for more altcoins.
Coinbase Recently Announced that it has Added support for 0x [ZRX] On coinbase pro, now it has further extended it to coinbase.com and all of its sub-platforms including the coinbase android and ios apps.

Users can now buy and sell ZRX as well as also store and receive ZRX Directly on their coinbase.com account just as its currently done with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) And Litecoin (LTC).
Though ZRX Trading is not yet fully available for people in the United Kingdom and new york due to regulatory concerns, the support for people who reside in these regions will soon be provided once regulatory issues are sorted out.

ZRX Up Over 15%

ZRX Has been in the bullish train ever since the first initial announcement for the altcoin support on coinbase pro, it’s currently trading at $0.86 with a market capitalization of $469,811,500.
Last Month Coinbase changed its entire listing process and opened doors for almost any Altcoin on Coinbase and now allows its users to select what asset they will like to be on coinbase, an asset will be listed only if it meets Coinbase’s standards and are compliant with local laws.
What Other Altcoin will you like to see fully supported On Coinbase.com, let me know in the comments below.