ZeroSum Fuels Experiential Investor Learning

ZeroSum’s live platform provides investors with an experiential fantasy trading environment – allowing winners to earn real money via ZFX
Chicago, IL – January 5, 2017: Common thinking suggests that investment markets are against you. This includes stocks, mutual funds and, of course, cryptocurrency. And it’s in these sectors where common thinking would be right. Unfair market advantages such as investors with API or informational access, high-frequency trading and pre-trading access are among just a few of the barriers that the retail trader faces.
But one blockchain based project believes there’s a far better way to progress. ZeroSum, an Ethereum based blockchain company believes they can revolutionize the trading ecosystem – by giving investors a decentralized, live-data-feed, trading environment.
Their trading environment strips down the unfair market advantages that are typically found in forex, trading and cryptocurrency markets.
“Unfair advantages are just that – unfair. It’s no wonder why upwards of 70% of retail investors lose money in their first year of trading.” says ZeroSum CEO Lawrence Richardson II.
ZeroSum alternatively, allows investors to learn, experiment and compete in fantasy trading competitions and prediction markets in an environment free from trading fees or unfair advantages.  
Their limited supply of ZFX – their ERC-20 based token for the platform – fuels the ecosystem as it’s required for competitions, winnings, future data feeds, and has already gained traction with retail and private investors alike.
The innovative model is the first to offer cryptocurrency prediction markets, coupled with fantasy forex trading – whereby winners earn ZFX that can be exchanged for USD. Live and having already facilitated 1000s of trades ZeroSum has raised over $400,000 in capital to help develop their beta.
As the ecosystem expands to facilitate more prediction markets, trading competitions and a sentiment data feed for institutional investors seeking alpha signals – it’s anticipated that ZFX and ZeroSum will continue to provide investors with an edge not found anywhere else in the market.
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