You have Bitcoins, so now what?

You have Bitcoins, so now what_

With over $250bln in Bitcoin’s market cap, and ALTcoins being traded versus BTC at a capitalization of over $500bln; traders, HODLers, enthusiasts & everyone else holding cryptocurrencies needs to start implementing them into their daily lives in order for the industry to prosper into mainstream.
A Finnish based company,, allows speculators and bitcoin believers an innovative and convenient way to spend their hard-earned Bitcoins by providing a platform where the cryptocurrency holder can pay bills such as;

  •        Rent/Mortgage
  •        Vehicle or other transport payments
  •        Utilities (Gas/Hydro/Other)
  •        Telephone/Internet
  •        Vacation
  •        And practically anything else

The decentralized payment service allows the purchase of bitcoins below market price by paying the bills (as mentioned above, and more) of other users, without complications of having to deal with exchanges. Lamium also has an innovative tool, called CoinNexus, which allows businesses and freelancers to accept payments in USD, EURO and CHF and receive Bitcoins instead. only charges a transparent 1.97% commission fee for providing such services to its customers. Finland has a good streak for bringing many game changing companies into the international tech marketplace such as Nokia, Angrybirds and Localbitcoins.
Eventually everyone will dive into crypto currency use in the future, but until then, Lamium looks to fill the gap between the hardcore bitcoin lover and the average Joe that could not care less about changes happening around him.
Use the promo code “ZyCrypto” when you sign up at and receive a 50% discount for your first 2 months of use.

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