Yearnsecure Increases Security With Its New Initial DEX Offering Launchpad

Yearnsecure Increases Security With Its New Initial DEX Offering Launchpad

YearnSecure (YSEC) recently launched an Initial DEX that will offer a Launchpad to increase security on the platform.

The new launch promises developers a new and secure way to develop and launch DeFi projects. As per the announcement, developers will have the opportunity to create an IDO. They will also be able to lock token allocations in two different ways. This will include Time Vault and Interval Vault. Notably, for Time Vault, tokens locked will be released after the set time, while in Interval Vault, a fixed percentage of tokens will be released (unlocked) after the set period. 

The launchpad will reportedly have an integrated automated auditing tool. This tool will be responsible for checking on possible exploitation. It will also check functions such as minting and trading exclusion for token holders.

In addition, the launchpad will support the Ethereum network and the BSC cross-chain support. This means the developer will launch their product on either the ETH chain or the BSC chain.

For security purposes, IDO listings will be autonomously deployed through a smart contract. All DEX projects listing on the platform have to operate under transparent and visible settings to allow investors to monitor the process. This also ensures that projects execute everything set within the IDO.


Notably, YSEC will never own any of the assets locked on its platform. After a project completes the publication process, investors will be able to see them. Investors will be able to check which and when the projects have the presale. They will also be able to check for the tokenomics of the specific project. 

While YSEC tokenomics has a few similarities with other tokenomics, there are many notable differences. For instance, when a person or project needs native tokens to participate in a presale allocation, the YSEC IDO’s are always fair. However, the tokens offered do not have a utility. 

YSEC website reads in part:

“After a successful presale, a trading pair will be automatically created on Uniswap or Pancakeswap (future chains to be integrated). Creators can choose to either burn or lock the Liquidity tokens retrieved as a result of the trade pair set-up.”

All token holders will be able to stake their YSEC in the YSEC Yield Farm to earn 50% of the fees. This will be added once the presale has ended. The platform notes Yield Dashboard as the most valued staking pool calling it an “exceptional location on our app where token holders can stake YSEC and will be rewarded in ETH for each IDO launched through YSEC.”