XT.COM Exchange Adds DAI Market to its Trading Platform

XT.COM Exchange Adds DAI Market to its Trading Platform

The popular decentralized stablecoin DAI market has been added to the trading platform of XT.com, the world’s first social-infused exchange, boosting the XT user experience. The XT platform has added the DAI stablecoin to its coin list, letting traders trade against global market pairs. With the XT Exchange’s connection with MakerDAO, clients may now access more stablecoins and have a better overall crypto trading experience.

With the addition of DAI to the existing XT platform, MakerDAO is better positioned to grab the XT community and reach a broader user base. The new platform will also address the desire for a stable currency, reducing the dangers associated with cryptocurrencies that are highly volatile. Existing and new customers will benefit from the addition of DAI to the XT platform because it will improve their crypto trading experience.

It’s worth emphasizing that DAI is a great option for international businesses and cross-border transactions. By integrating the DAI market, XT.com sees an opportunity to improve the user experience of its platform. MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin, which is based on Ethereum and backed by a system of smart contracts and decentralized price feeds, is designed to keep a soft peg to the US dollar.

BTC/DAI, ETH/DAI, MKR/DAI, USDT/DAI, and TRX/DAI are among the five trading pairings that XT.com plans to launch.