XT.COM Announces The Listing Of HYPER On Its Platform’s Main Zone

XT.COM Announces The Listing Of HYPER On Its Platform's Main Zone

HPYPER joins over 800 trading pairs already listed on XT.COM, opening the HyperChainX community to a broader ecosystem. As per the announcement, the HYPER/USDT trading pair will be opened in Main Zone (Layer 2) from 9:00 UTC on February 23 2022. Users can deposit Hyper from trading at 2023-02-22 09:00(UTC), while withdrawals will be opened at 2023-02-24 09:00 (UTC).

Commenting on the listing Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM, stated:

“We’re delighted to have Hyper to XT.COM. We also believe that the future of gaming involves web3, so we are glad to see HyperChainX being listed on our exchange and look forward to their development.”

HYPER is a BEP20 token serving at the core of the HyperchainX network with a total supply of 995,695,567.351368. The HYPER token has many utilities. Users can stake HYPER tokens to earn high yields. The tokens also give users early VIP access to upcoming events in the HyperChainX network.

HYPER tokens will also play a significant role in the upcoming games that the HyperchainX network will soon develop. The token will also be used to transact on the HyperChainX NFT marketplace and Launchpad. Notably, the HyperChain platform plans to offer more ways to utilize HYPER tokens, including premium memberships, lottery, game store credit, 1vs1 high-stake battles and member gifts. 

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HyperChainX is the next-gen blockchain gaming platform that revolutionizes the gaming industry by providing users with new opportunities. The platform aims at bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and gaming. HyperChainX has created an all-in-one platform offering a range of features, including one vs one high stake battles and the ability for e-sport teams to create their leagues and buy-in tournaments.

HyperChainX’s multi-chain NFT Marketplace and Launchpad allow game developers, esports teams, studios, designers and gamer girls to launch their collections on the marketplace. The Launchpad has numerous features, including free claims, whitelist spots, custom lottery tickets, mystery boxes and more. 

Notably, the upcoming games will be downloadable on iOS and Android devices. The HyperChainX app will allow users to watch any game or live stream. During these events, streamers can use HYPER tokens to monetize their content and receive donations with the token.