XAYA DLT Project for the Gaming Industry Launch Crowdsale Exclusively on the Liquid Marketplace

XAYA DLT Project for the Gaming Industry Launch Crowdsale Exclusively on the Liquid Marketplace

The long-awaited public sale of blockchain gaming giant XAYA is is now underway, as the firm has announced the start of the main sale, which it said is facilitated by Liquid Market.

Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming

The main aim of XAYA in the blockchain game industry is to change the narrative and introduce a new method that will revolutionaries the industry.
The firm tends to get rid of the deficiencies facing most games on the blockchain, like the cost, speed and other related problems that have been associated with the industry for quite some time.
As a result, XAYA is introducing a new platform that gives gamers access to an online gaming system that is effective, cost-efficient, fast and of course fun filled from the get-go.
The firm is able to achieve this through several modifications, in a bid to improve their services and satisfy their teeming customers. The firm has introduce some new features, like the bitcoin lightning method.
The new features enable thousands of game moves per second between any number of players simultaneously.
The firm has eliminated all forms of cheating through the Ephemeral timestamp that automatically ensure fair play. Another feature called Atomic trading allows smooth and transparent exchange pf assets, between the users.
Gamers are also free to develop the game in whatever language they so desire, and will be published on the network without the developer paying a dime.
Developers are also open to a world of endless possibilities, through the many advantages that the platform provides for them. They are open to genres such as Human mining, which allows gamers to earn scarce blockchain based resources that have real-world value.
The launching of XAYA on Liquid is strategic. This is due to the immense possibilities it offers. Liquid is the evolution of the Quoinex and Qryptos cryptocurrency exchanges and has been regarded by experts as the next best thing in crypto exchanges.
Liquid provides so much more than others before it, it offers fiat trading, lending, margin trading for its listed cryptocurrencies among others.
One of the essential features of Liquid is the security that it offers to the platforms.

XAYA is the first project to conduct a fundraiser on Liquid

And the fact that, though new, Liquid is already considered as one of the top crypto exchanges in the world, means that XAYA’s sale will be huge success.
The firm announced that 115 million CHI would be made available for the main sale, at a base rate of 0.00002 BTC per CHI( the first four million will carry a 15% bonus )
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