Wondering Why Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee seems to be a Bitcoin Fan?

Wondering Why Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee seems to be a Bitcoin Fan ?

Many within the cryptocurrency community might be perplexed that a founder of a Popular and Actively used cryptocurrency could be a strong Bitcoin fan instead of him solely making voices for the promotion of the activities of the cryptocurrency Litecoin he founded in 2011 while still working as a Google engineer, and then Coinbase before he left to concentrate on his own Path as a Litecoin developer.

It is true that he has made a good fortune from the coin he created after he promised to sell his unknown shares off even though he did not make it open around late last year.
Recent development has shown that he is a strong Bitcoin fan after he had said every cryptocurrency investor should have at least one Bitcoin and that Bitcoin is the gold of the cryptocurrency Space.

Some of the reasons for his support for Bitcoin include:

1) To show that he is indifferent: when he was making announcements about Litecoin through interviews and online posts in his social media handle, many are of the believe that he wants to keep manipulating the market value of Litecoin through his speculations. This his present stance on Bitcoin had shown that they are wrong.

2) To show that progress should be recommended not minding its part: many business owners will say that it is better to destroy another ones business and build yours. However, his recent comments has shown that he believes that not minding where progress is taking, it must be recommended.


3) To show that Bitcoin is a worthy head: there has always been an interchange in position between the world richest people in many years. However, Bitcoin has shown that it is a worthy head by retaining its highest market capitalization and dominance in the cryptocurrency market for more than 9 years now.

4) To sow right seed for Litecoin future: many people that had invested and founded other coins will take it as insanity for Litecoin founder to keep recommending Bitcoin presently? However, he is just been mindful of identifying with greatness so that he could be great.