With the Digitrust Willtoken Blockchain Solution, Cryptocurrencies can now be Willed to Next of Kin of the Diseased Person

With the Digitrust Willtoken Blockchain Solution, Cryptocurrencies can now be Willed to Next of Kin of the Diseased Person

There have been several cases of people losing access to their crypto wallets just because they forgot their passwords or misplaced the book containing their private keys.
Also, unlike traditional shares that require investors to present details of their next of Kin beforehand just in case of any eventualities, the world of digital assets is entirely different, and once a person dies, no one will be able to access his funds unless they have the private keys to the account.
However, all that will change now, as Digitrust Corporation Pte Ltd has developed its Willtoken cryptocurrency that takes care of beneficiary assignment activities via the blockchain.
Willtoken is an inheritance protocol that allows crypto investors to safely and securely pass their digital assets to their family members in case of life-threatening circumstances.
Willtoken is a digitized and secure crypto testament that’s organized by an investor. The token makes it easy for the digital wealth of an investor to be passed on to his chosen beneficiaries once they fulfill the system verification processes.
Willtoken is a utility token that facilitates the entire process, and it can also be traded on exchanges like other coins.
All information about the next of kin is recorded in the crypto-Will, it automates the transfer of digital exchanges straight from exchanges or wallets directly to the beneficiary in a highly secure manner, as the assets are kept in cold storage until its time for them to get claimed.
The Will System uses blockchain technology artificial intelligence and Hyperledger to handle the entire assets transfer process, including identification of death or disability, the establishment of proof of death, confirmation, and filing of the claim to exchanges and wallets and more.

Willtoken Crowdsale

The Will token public sale stage 1 is live now and runs until July 15, 2018, at a conversion rate of 1 Willtoken = 0.10 USD. There are 250 million tokens up for grabs during the token sale period. Willtoken is an ERC20 token and can be purchased with only bitcoin and ethereum. There is no minimum contribution for investors.
For more information visit https://willtoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://willtoken.io/WhitePaper.pdf
Team: https://willtoken.io/#team
Email: sasi@digitrustcorp.com

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