With Litecoin Halving On The Horizon, Hash Rate Nears All-Time High

Possible Reason Why Litecoin is Cruising to The Moon with a 35% Rise in the Last 7 Days

The Litecoin halving in August is predicted by many in the industry be a catalyst for a major bull run for LTC. Halving events have been notably bullish happenings in the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin halvings have always generated plenty of buzz in the space and resulted in bull runs. They lower the rewards that are received by miners. This makes demand rise because coins become harder to earn.

In 2015, after the last halving, LTC saw a nearly 10x spike over the next several months. Recently Jason A. Williams co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, tweeted out some juicy possible prices from the social media cryptocurrency analysis guru @Scienceguy9489. He gave some predictions on LTC among others.

But the halving is not the only good news surrounding Litecoin. There is also progress being made industry-wide in terms of adoption and use. Nexo Finance just announced a plan to extend credit lines to LTC holders.

“We are thrilled to announce Litecoin as the newest collateral option for Nexo’s instant credit lines. LTC holders can now access instant cash in 45+ fiat currency while keeping the upside potential of their #LTC!”

Blockstream CSO Samson Mow also recently shouted out LTC on Twitter.


With all this bullish news, many experts are expecting LTC to climb in price over the coming months.