WinnerBlock Introduces its Beta App

WinnerBlock Introduces its Beta App

WinnerBlock arises as a game-changing option for people eager to try their luck in a new way, combining the advent of blockchain innovation with enthusiasm prevalent in the gaming sector. Recently, WinnerBlock released a beta version of their application, available for anybody interested in testing it.

Examining WinnerBlock’s Beta Software 

Before anything else, WinnerBlock aims to first test its in-app features to provide the best user experience. Because this is a test environment, participants may utilize testnet tokens to experience it risk-free. Thus, it is feasible to test the software without experiencing any fear, allowing players to enjoy the game.

Without a doubt, the application’s outlook is straightforward and appealing. As soon as you open the application, the Gold Jackpot will be shown alongside a countdown that counts down the days, hours, and seconds until the next draw. Ultimately, WinnerBlock aims to offer three tiers of Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards, however at the moment only the Gold Jackpot is available. Also, every 24 hours, it is possible to participate in the free daily draw on the beta application, by spinning the wheel of fortunes.

WCards – Unique NFTs with winning possibilities

WinnerBlock’s application blends gaming with the unique experience of chance games by using vivid, colorful, and realistic visuals. For instance, each time the Gold Draw numbers are drawn, you will not just see the correct four numbers in a static black-and-white list. In contrast to other current projects, the developers of WinnerBlock aimed to make it as realistic as possible so that even the drafting process illustrates how the balls are drawn in a jackpot ball.

WinnerBlock’s possibilities are limitless since users can construct their own WCards for the Gold Draw. As with any traditional draw system, all you have to do is choose your lucky numbers from 0 to 49. The Card is activated in MetaMask, and an NFT is generated upon purchase and gas price payment. In the MENU, you can see all your WCards and collect them.

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Do not miss your final opportunity to get WBlock tokens at unprecedented prices! 

On 10 April 2022, the WinnerBlock presale event kicked off, marking the beginning of this groundbreaking endeavor. In all, 5,000,000,000 were allotted for the Presale, which would be divided into three pricing levels with escalating costs. The remaining tokens have been set aside for IDOs and IEOs. The total supply of WBlock is capped at 100,000,000,000, with 10% reserved for fundraising, 30% for presale, 20% for the development team, and 40% for marketing. 

Early adopters had the opportunity to acquire 30 billion WBlock tokens for 80 days at a very low price. There are now just five days remaining to seize this chance!

In the end, the objective of WinnerBlock is to build a transparent and fair gaming system that benefits everyone! This blockchain-based game is totally transparent, accessible, and secure, and you can now become a part of it!