Win $50,000/ 5% $QGUP Market Share in The QTUM/Matchpool Developer Challenge

Matchpool has announced its MVP QTUM app development content for app developers in the Asian region. The best developer stands a chance to win up to $50,000 or own a 5% share of the $QGUP market share. The contest is on now and winners will be announced on February 18,2018.

Having successfully launched its platform, Matchpool is focused on lighting up the Asian region to create massive awareness of its platform, since Asia is a cryptocurrency stronghold.

The Contest is called “QTUM Dev Challenge”. It is organised to develop the QTUM version of the Matchpool platform in the  Asian continent and will use $QGUP as its base currency. It is expected that experienced developers all over the world will participate in this contest thereby giving the Matchpool project its much needed publicity.

Details Of The Contest

Developers who join the contest need to develop a social media app. The Matchpool platform will now use the app developed by the winner of the contest as its official social media platform.


Some features of the social media app will include:

-There will be some paid, in-app services

-Support for various cryptocurrencies including $QGUPs

-High quality design and excellent functionality

-Multilingual support (Japan/ China / Korea)

The winning team will get a $50,000  cash prize with a 5% 0f all $QGUPs.

So what are you waiting for?

The competition has been live since January  8, 2018, and runs until 15 February 2018. Once the winner is announced, Matchpool will award the prize of 5% of all $QGUPs, once the MVP is complete.

The $50,000 prize (paid in cash or $QGUPs) will be paid in 4 monthly installments upon deployment of the app. Good Luck!

About Matchpool

The vision is to create and give everyone matchmaking tools that incentivise positive connections between people all over the world. The platform uses cryptocurrency payments as a means for motivating the communities to provide value to the rest of the network.

We want to give community members and platform founders a means of being appreciated for content or actions that is beneficial to the members of the platform. We will offer products that provide solutions for community owners to run successful businesses.

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