Why ripple (XRP) chasing US exchanges won’t take its shine away

Why ripple (XRP) chasing US exchanges won’t take its shine away

2018 hasn’t been the ideal year for Ripple (XRP). It was doing much well since it broke into the cryptocurrency scene back in 2012, being one of the most popular digital currencies in the crypto world.
However, repeated price falls this year has brought about fear and panic amongst its owners. And in recent months, there have been reports that Ripple offered Coinbase, one of the biggest digital currency exchange, an amount in the region of $100 million in XRP as well as $1 million to Gemini, in return for a listing on their platforms.
This was obviously a move which Ripple hoped would give them a push further up the crypto ladder, as business with the best trades in the system is always something good. On the contrary, many ripple holders received this news as a desperate effort by Ripple to cover he fact that the coin was under performing and could be a “shitcoin”.
This has brought headache to young investors, looking to hop on the cryptocurrency train, ignoring the fact Ripple is listed on more exchanges than any order cryptocurrency, notable amongst them being the London Block Exchange, the only cryptocurrency exchange in the UK.
The possibilities of things going bad of course cannot be overlooked, but with that being said, Ripple still has potential and boost of some unique qualities that should make it thrive in the years to come.
The coin which was by far the best performing currency last year, runs on a shared and public database, making t different from the other coins and that’s for starters. This has made it the preferred coin for transaction by banks, as it is currently used as a payment system by two German and American banks and other payment networks.
In addition to that, it has gained the service of some big guns in the world of finance, including American Express, Western Union, UBS, Santander, Unicredit and Bithum, and South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange which is of very vital importance to the growth of Ripple as the increased use of this cryptocurrency exchange directly increases the volume of XRP trading.
Ripple also has fast transactions, coupled with cheaper rates and secured services. The coin can even be bought and kept on Uphold, a well-established crypto bank with zero transaction fees and can also be converted into 7 other cryptocurrencies and 23 fiat currencies.
The ripple platform also has digital wallets which supports debit and credit card features. Its users can also enjoy financial transactions among 34 other currencies, commodities and digital assets.
Despite the uncertainty of the current crypto market, ripple still remains an ideal coin for investment and its current price is just a steal for new investors.
Disclaimer: This Article Should Not be portrayed As an Investment Advice.