Why DICE Is Better Than Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrencies

Why DICE is Better than Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies

Similar to the application of Blockchain Technology, that has changed the face of multiple sectors, DICE Money, a whole new technology based on its “Cluster Model” is bringing radical changes with the way fund-raising is perceived. DICE aims to eliminate the limitations of traditional Blockchain Technology and the ICO or IPO model of fund-raising with a model that is lot more cost-effective and secure.
This upcoming technology with its multiple benefits holds a strong potential to transform start-ups and business ventures be it large or small businesses. It’s widely accepted that only the typical financial and service sectors are able to turn a cryptocurrency model into a successful ICO. However, for companies that deal in products with physical nature, the traditional mode of funding is widely prevalent.
Enter Digital Certificates or DICE, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that is world’s first truly social finance platform. With an aim to offer an alternative to the traditional Fiat currency, DICE is much more secure and stable than various cryptocurrencies present in the market. DICE is laid on a new “Cluster Model” that is not based on traditional Blockchain principles. However, the model retains the benefits and the best features of cryptocurrencies while bringing in the traditional benefits of Fiat Currency and incorporating its own unique benefits.
The proposed model of DICE is simple, global and offers true decentralization while providing a self-controlling system for handling financial transactions within the global ecosystem.
DICE – Not a Blockchain But Better Than Blockchain
With the revolutionary model bringing in multiple benefits, DICE offers the following features:
True Decentralization: The DICE architecture is based on Operators maintaining separate ledgers that may be private or public. This offers true decentralization unlike a single ledger present in a typical blockchain architecture. This helps in the reduction of synchronization challenges and brings in faster transaction speeds. There are as many ledgers as there are number of operators present in the global ecosystem.
Reinforced Security: The cluster of such unconnected operators acts as small nodes that allow maximum parallelization and unmatched scalability. Only a small fraction of the global traffic is handled by each node that increases the level of security and it practically becomes impossible for hackers to hack or steal DICE.
Offline Mining: DICE brings the ability of mining DICE units offline which could never be thought of in the traditional blockchain ecosystem. This eliminates the fear of crypto-jacking where no one else except for you can use the resources to mine DICE.
No Transaction Costs: The concept of transaction fees is absolutely absent in the DICE model. Incentives to both sides the miners and the operators comes from elsewhere and not fees.
“Investment Mining”: A new concept of “Investment Mining” makes DICE a social economy. Individuals can raise funds for their business venture or a specific cause which will be supported by the miners that mine for that particular operator. This makes an investor out of every miner while bringing ample fund-raising opportunities.
Absence of Middlemen: With the aim to provide an alternative to Fiat Currency, DICE operates in a similar fashion to the traditional model, where DICE units can be exchanged offline without the need of any special wallets or exchanges. DICE can be stored in form of a printed note which makes it practically impossible for a hacker to steal DICE units.
IDO – The New Way of Fund-Raising: The traditional fundraising platforms like ICO or IPO are always associated with huge marketing and launching costs that create barriers for a fresh business venture. With DICE’s IDO platform, businesses are allowed to raise money in absence of any upfront costs and thus creating a new opportunity for crypto-enthusiasts as well as visionaries.
Although in its early stages, with its benefits and features of a traditional currency, DICE holds the potential to bring an adaptive nature for digital currency within the global ecosystem. With its sustainability and increased security, DICE holds a competitive advantage over traditional cryptocurrencies that will help it in the penetration of the existing blockchain ecosystems.
To find out more, visit https://dice.money/
You can read the white paper at https://dice.money/docs/Dice_Money_Whitepaper.pdf
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