When will Invacio token (INV) go up in value?

What is Invacio and Where Does it Fit Into the Real World of Technology and Data?

If you are to believe the various lies and misrepresentations that are out in the cryptoworld, about Invacio today, the answer to the question above is never. If, however, you take a look into the truth of Invacio and analyse the real facts of their current situation, you will likely see an organisation that is pushing on regardless of the toxic environment they have found themselves in.
Since experiencing a crash in value of their cryptocurrency (INV) almost as soon as it hit exchanges, last month, Invacio have been facing a barrage of accusations and lies in relation to market manipulation and outright claims of being a scam and a simple money grabbing company. Stories regarding everything from the founder dumping tokens to pay off debts through to pulling the wool over the eyes of the United Nations are doing the rounds and some people are falling for them wholesale. Those that do fall for these misrepresentations and lies are now fearful and looking to sell their tokens as soon as they can bring their losses down to an acceptable level.
But wait, holdfire, why should you take a loss based on lies and misrepresentations? There can be no reason really. Why should you as coin holders lose your money simply because you are being lead a merry dance by people that have no clue as to the reality of any of Invacio’s previous, current and future activities?
Let’s take a look at a typical scam ICO and how it operates.
First, Plagiarize a whitepaper and idea from some other organisation, rename it and then add a team sheet made up of multiple known “Crypto” names and fake directors whilst remaining anonymous. Next, ramp up the hype using every trick in the book, talk about mooning prices of coins and creating technology that will change the world.. Continue to raise the level of hype for as long as possible, pull in as many interested people as possible, keep a massive percentage of coins for the company, finish the ICO, Launch coins on to market (some don’t even do that) dump all team tokens on exchanges and then disappear with all the money raised only to claim company failure after a short period.
Now let’s look at what Invacio have done. First, they presented a well written, unique, whitepaper outlining the launching – not creation – of multiple divisions and technologies, some of which could have been ICOs on their own. Next stumble through a poorly marketed coinsale garnering more interest through organic growth than anything else. Launch 2 products before the coinsale is finished. Burn a whole ERC20 contract totalling 450 million coins to prevent dumping of millions of coins.
Reduce the number of team and company coins from 30 million originally outlined in the whitepaper to just 13 million to provide a total maximum supply of 60 million. Broadcast images of founders passport online to dispel rumours of false identity etc. Publish criminal background checks on all Executive’s. And finally continue interacting with coin holders long after the coinsale has finished all while collecting Playstation 3s to build a supercomputer home for their AI system, whilst sending staff globetrotting to sit with governments and tech companies to hash out projects. Are these the actions of a scam operation or scam operators?
Now to the question in the subject of this article: When should Invacio token (INV) go up in value?
The answer to this is likely when the premium products are released and subsequent coin utility become common knowledge.

The majority of Invacio’s services are for corporate or government use although with the roll out of their premium product versions that will only be accessible by INV coin holders or by using INV as part or all of the subscriptions global take up of Invacio’s AI driven services, by consumers and corporations, will see a steady rise in the number of coins being purchased.
There are plans in place for mainstream marketing that will raise the profile and awareness of INV and its uses. So, to sum it all up, Invacio is preparing for global exposure so hold your tokens close and watch Invacio as they rise above their current reputational woes. They will not fail.
Invacio recently launched their own cryptocurrency Invacio token (INV) and in order to access or benefit from lower subscriptions for their services, you will need to either hold or spend it on their systems. INV tokens are currently tradable on Mercatox BTC and Mercatox ETH, Bancor, Idex, switchain eth-inv and featured on Coin Market Cap. More exchanges are planned.

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