What Do You Meme Token: The New Buzz Asset For The Community

What Do You Meme Token: The New Buzz Asset For The Community

What Do You Meme token is a decentralized platform for the latest meme token in town created by two crypto enthusiasts, Lawrence Heaslip and Jacques Dutel.

The What Do You Meme token or the WDYMEME token is gaining traction within different markets, including getting attention from some media sites in the heart of Silicon Valley.  

The token has a total supply of 3 billion tokens. According to BscScan, there are over 3800 addresses currently holding the token.

The token was created to provide a fun and humorous community free from market manipulation by whales or rug pulls. The token also hopes to create a platform that allows its community to come up with memes out of the founder’s face. The ultimate goal for the WDYMeme token is to launch an NFT platform primarily for memes. The platform will have a forum board integration that will allow users to buy and sell NFT Memes. The platform will also allow for a reward system into a sister token named blackpaper.

The whatdoyoumemetoken Twitter page reads:


“Empowering The Meme Token Community a 100% community-driven token where everyone can have fun and make profits in the token meme community.

For now, they are focusing on building the community, being active in telegram, and proving legitimacy.

WDYMEME token recently concluded a $2500 billboard contents that saw the first winner get $1000, the Second winner got $700, while the third winner received $500. The contents involve creating the best hilarious meme for the token using the founders’ faces. 

One thing to note is that there will be no tax on the platform, no burn, no rug pulls. The duo reportedly has big plans moving forward.  In addition, the founders have been proactive in the project. On the website, the co-founder claims that the community can meme them ‘everywhere on the internet, our pictures are real, and you can even call us on the phone.’ The website is still under development. The community is early pushing to have the team launch everything in the next nearest future. 

Notably, the company is already registered as a limited liability company with the state of Mississippi. They were present during the live launch on pancakeswap. Investors can buy the token on pancake using Binance (BNB).