WaykiChain returns to South Korea, sparking a global tournament of World Cup layouts

WaykiChain returns to South Korea, sparking a global tournament of World Cup layouts

The South Korean market is regarded as being a blessing for WaykiChain. Here, WaykiChain has taken an important step towards globalization and internationalization.

To cultivate this market, WaykiChain has held a number of offline meetups in Korea, and also launched the Korean Hackathon competition, which has attracted global technology geeks and blockchain enthusiasts to visit; the team in South Korea has launched a number of “Super Node Campaigns” submission contests, which have been covered by many Korean mainstream media and blockchain outlets.

In February 2020, when WaykiChain WICC first launched on Bithumb (the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea). It was highly valued by the Korean capital market, and the price was close to US$1. Even today, the Korean WaykiChain community remains active.

Since then, WaykiChain has been working hard and its team has been practicing internal skills, resulting its stability on the market. In fact, WaykiChain has quietly completed the overall layout of decentralized exchanges, decentralized lending, synthetic assets, NFTs, stablecoins, etc., and has also taken the lead in the industry in terms of public chain technology.

Qatar’s World Cup this year will launch a new market for “World Cup Concept Stocks”. As WaykiChain, which is deeply bound to the World Cup concept, it has made all preparations and may be the first to launch in the Korean market.


In the global live broadcast of the WaykiChain World Soccer Tournament (Hungary Station) on April 9th. Besides the lucky draw guests from South Korea, among 3 lucky winners who won the gold bar award (each gold bar is worth $157) two of them were from South Korea. This is not by chance, but rather shows the popularity and support of WaykiChain in South Korea and the Korean community.

One of the winners said: “I didn’t expect to win the gold bar because I knew the odds of winning were low. However, I still continue to participate as long as WaykiChain holds events!”

It is in order to repay the long-term support and love of many Korean fans like this winner, WaykiChain will return to the venue again at the next important time node – the eve of the “World Cup War”, and hold a series of prizes and benefits. The first event will be held in April and plans to give away a WICC prize worth $2,500 to Korean fans.

Of course, these “appetizers” are just to make the subsequent “big meal” more enjoyable.

WaykiChain will gradually reveal more details of its annual plan and launch more exciting welfare activities as the WaykiChain supernode election and the World Cup approaches. For more details, please pay attention to the official media of WaykiChain.

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