Voise Signs Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz Agency

partnership with bitcoin pr buzz

Voise have formed a strategic partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz, one of the biggest Blockchain PR companies in the crypto space.

Voise is excited to announce an official partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz, heading into 2018. The new year will bring about big developments within the music and blockchain industries.This strategic alliance will help to bring Voise’s innovations to the forefront.

The CEO and Founder of Voise, Ivan Rossetti said:

“We are proud to partner with Bitcoin PR Buzz. Their know-how and professionalism will showcase our 100% fair distribution model and blockchain music platform to a pivotal global audience.”

It is clear that the music industry has suffered greatly following technological advancement in the digital era. The business of recording and selling music to audiences was one a mighty revenue stream, that is not the case anymore.


However, Voise  is here to solve that problem.

Voise is a revolutionary decentralised music streaming platform, built around the Ethereum token (ETH), using the world’s first Masternodes on the Ethereum blockchain.  This is an entirely new financial ecosystem designed to allow musicians reap rewards of their recording sales in a way that will be beneficial to fans and other musicians too.

Voise utilises the Voise Ethereum token which is buyable, tradable, and sellable currency. This entirely new financial structure matters as when musicians succeed, Voise tokens rises in value as well. This will be beneficial to every Voise stakeholders without third party involvement.

In the words of the Bitcoin PR Buzz team:

“Here at Bitcoin PR Buzz, we are excited to start this official partnership with Voise. Having observed Voise and analysing their roadmap, we believe that Voise offers a blockchain based solution to the music industry like no other. It is because of this, we consider voise a top-tier blockchain project and are proud to offer our continued support in the coming year.”

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