Voise Releases World's First Masternodes on the Ethereum Blockchain


Voise Releases World’s First Masternodes on the Ethereum Blockchain; Burns 50 Million Voise Tokens To Decrease Supply
VOISE is a Blockchain-based content monetization and distribution platform focused on the music industry. It introduces the multi-billion dollar global music industry to the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Voise – a music sharing platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain smart contract has announced the release of the first-of-its-kind Masternodes on the Ethereum network. The Masternodes is expected to come online soon to provide extra services and revenue to token holders. This will accompany a token burn of 50 million VOISE tokens as part of a never-ending effort to increase token value to backers.
Voise, a decentralized music innovator aims to further enhance its reputation as a full-revenue sharing platform with growing value for VOISE token, the native currency of the Voise platform.
Since after its alpha launch in October, Voise have established solid partnerships that have enhanced the image of Voise in the music and Blockchain ecosystem.  The Voise project continues to engage with stakeholders, working on feedbacks received and thereby increasing Voise profitability margin for Voise toke holders, especially with the launch of Masternodes and a token burn.
The Voise Masternodes
The Voise project will soon allow token holders to create Masternodes, with operators earning a certain percentage of revenue based on the number of Voise tokens they have.
Approximately 600,000 Voise tokens will be locked for at least 30 days, for one to be eligible to receive revenues, which they will receive after they unlock committed tokens.
All committed tokens will be locked by smart contracts operating on a unique decentralized application (dAPP). The dAPP will see the secured locking and distribution of revenue.
Voise has pledged to distribute about 80% of the revenue to all Voise token holders, to reflect a commitment to backers. If the income from the first few months is not enough to go round, VOISE will take extra funds from its foundation to pay the community.
Token Burn
A token burn will be done on December 24, 2017, to increase the value of the VOISE tokens by creating scarcity. 50 million Voise tokens will be burnt during the process. This will drastically reduce the amount of Voise tokens in circulation, by about 8%.
How The Voise Project Will Revolutionize the Online Music Industry
Music sales have since gone online, with over 100 million music lovers happy to pay for their music online. This has made the online music world to witness massive growth.
However, indie artists still face the challenge of high commissions and disparate revenue distribution.
The Voise project will enable users to access top music, popular download or listen to upcoming tracks from the thematic search engine. Through Radio DAO, the latest performers can find their first fans, while users reach first-hand Voise development updates.
Musicians can use Voise to upload music and earn any price they set or let users donate.
Voise is endorsed by a one time Grammy nominee – Carolyn Malachi and DJ Jinco. Voise also has strong partnerships with Coinomi and MicroMoney. Voise has also joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, gaining access to the world’s largest open source Blockchain alliance, allowing Voise to engage with the best developers within a Fortune 500 alumni.
For more information visit www.voise.com
Bitcoin talk: www.bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1846376.0
Twitter: www.twitter.com/voiseit
Trade Voise with BTC : www.bit-z.com/trade/voise_btc
Trade Voise with BTC: www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?
Trade Voise with BTC: www.coinexchange.io/market/VOISE/BTC

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