Viuly's Video Platform VIU Token Has Highest Transaction Volume On Ethereum Network


The Viuly team has announced that their Viu Token has now attained the status of number one out of the top 50 tokens by transaction count on the ethereum Blockchain. Viuly’s Blockchain video platform will also connect its Blockchain video sharing platform to the Ethereum network Mainnet on December 18.
The Video platform goes live on December 18, offering advertisers the opportunity to deposit VIU and pay for ads, and users can now withdraw the VIU they earn from watching videos, direct to their Ethereum wallets. This development follows the successful completion of an airdrop campaign which saw the free of 458 million VIU tokens to about 900,000 unique Ethereum users creating almost a million potential users in the process.
About Viuly
Viuly has a mission of revolutionalizing the multi-billion dollar online video sharing industry with the Blockchain technology. The project aims to create a fair, transparent and open video network operating on an equitable revenue sharing model.
Viuly project uses the Viuly tokens which are the native currency of the project to transfer value between advertisers, content creators, and users.  With the twenty-first-century Viuly platform, users and content creators can watch and share videos while getting rewards for their interactions. This revolutionary system is a fair and unrestricted environment to share, view and upload contents of all types.
The Viuly project has received a private investment of over  EUR 150,000 from Krypton capital.
The Viuly team, together with Krypton Capital smart money philosophy, the two have formed a formidable partnership to establish a stable environment for related firms to grow values and revenues together as a united team.
According to Ethplorer, the VIU token is now ranked at number one position of the top 50 tokens by transaction volume on the Ethereum smart contract Blockchain.
The video platform is now live, and advertisers who hold the VIU token can now use it to pay for their adverts and users, on the other hand, can now withdraw VIU tokens they earn by watching videos, back to their Ether wallets.
This development is due to the completion of an airdrop process that activated the free distribution of 458 million VIU tokens to approximately 900,000 ethereum users. The airdrop campaign has successfully created nearly a million new users that will transact on the Viuly platform.
The Alpha version of the Viuly platform has been running for weeks now, and over 12,000 different visitors transact on the site daily.
With the impending listing on Liqui exchange on December 15, on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum(ETH) pairs, it is expected that the demand of VIU tokens will increase exponentially, thereby having a positive impact on trading volume.
To trade VIU with BTC and ETH on Liqui, please visit: or
Advertisers are all welcomed to promote their videos, pre-roll video ads and Banner ads on the Viuly platform via VIU tokens. To promote this early opportunity, Viuly is offering new advertisers a 100% bonus on any amount of token spent on advertising packages.
The Viuly Referral Program
There are three tiers to the referral program starting on December 20.  
Level 1: 50 VIU
Level 2: 30 VIU
Level 3: 20 VIU
In addition to getting VIU tokens, users will also earn percentages on all referral earnings according to the following rate:
Level1: 5%
Level2: 3%
Level3: 2%
For more information please visit:
To trade VIU with BTC:
Trade Viuly with Eth:
Alpha Video platform:
Location: Tallin, Estonia

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