Veteran Trader Says Litecoin Is A Good Buy Right Now, XRP Set To Stage A Major Rally

Altcoins Are Skyrocketing, Is Alt-Season Upon Us?

Crypto Guru Peter Brandt has broken his silence in regard to the market situation of two of the top coins. According to Peter, XRP and Litecoin are two cryptos that are about to make their holders very fortunate.

Indeed, the two top cryptos have shown signs of surging, with Litecoin opening the day with a 9% rise while XRP scored a cool 5% surge. However, at the time of this writing, XRP’s momentum seems to have slowed down a bit to get down to around 4.7%, but Litecoin has since pushed on to reach 11.7%.

Block Halvings Coming Up

In his argument, Peter Brandt references the coming block halving for the Litecoin and Bitcoin networks. Litecoin’s halving is happening in August, a month that Peter identifies as the most primed for a serious Litecoin surge. A block reward halving reduces the rate of the crypto’s supply by half, and that can pretty much affect its demand and lead to a price increase.

Besides that, Bitcoin’s halving is expected to happen in May 2020, and Bitcoin has been known to start a surge about a year before the event. That gives Litecoin a double push, setting it up for a bull run that Peter opines could see the crypto hit a maximum of $1,000. Litecoin is currently trading at $116.

XRP To Spike

Peter Brandt went on to identify XRP as one other cryptocurrency that’s about to jump in price. According to him, XRP looks well set to continue with its recovery on its way back to its ATH. While this happens, Peter sees XRP hitting targets at $0.5688 and $0.6260 pretty soon.


As such, Peter Brandt says that the best to buy XRP and Litecoin is now when the two coins are still preparing for the coming surge.