Velvet Exchange launches competition among traders with the total prize fund of $20,000 and 50 BTC checks

Velvet Exchange

Trading in cryptocurrency can bring stable profit when handled by professionals, but smart traders are always looking for new sources of income. One of these is special trading contests and competitions and Velvet Exchange is running one right now.

How Velvet Exchange competition works

The competition started on September 10; the prize fund of the first round is $3,500. In the nearest future, Velvet Exchange plans to hold also the second and third rounds with even greater prize opportunities.

Participants are invited to perform various tasks and earn tickets, the number of which depends on the complexity of each task. The ones having the highest chances of winning will be the participants who collect the biggest number of tickets. There are several task groups available:

1) Account registration, newsletter subscription, KYC, 2FA connection – from 1 to 5 tickets per task;

2) Trading operations: 2 tickets are awarded for each deposit for over $100. The participant also receives 1 ticket for the first transaction made with a real deposit. There are also trade volume and consolidated balance profitability increase coefficients to double the number of tickets earned in other categories.


3) Promotion in social media: a subscription to the exchange channels, reposting of official news (the number of followers is also taken into account here), creation of  Velvet Exchange video reviews – from 1 to 10 tickets.

4) Referral program: a participant receives 5 tickets each time a new user registers via his/her referral link and deposits $10. This limit is set to avoid the registration of bots. In this case, the new participant (referral) also automatically receives 1 ticket. The maximum number of referrals per participant is 10, the number of tickets – 21.

The three winners are to be awarded the largest prize on the official page of the competition, the rating of participants with the current number of tickets will be placed. Thus, the users will be able to find out how many more tickets they need to outperform their opponents and increase their winning chances.

The winner will receive $2,000. The second-place trader will be awarded $1,000, and taking the third place will bring you $500. Also, bonus prizes are to be received by 20 participants: BTC checks equivalent to $50 each. The remaining checks will be cashed in the next rounds.

Velvet Exchange advantages

The main difference between Velvet Exchange and most of the centralized exchanges is their focus on different customer groups’ interests:

1) For legal entities: all financial instruments and accounting documents for legal crypto-asset trading and cross-border transactions;

2) For experienced traders: liquidity of DOMs, flexible ways to deposit and withdraw funds, convenient trading statistics, and reporting; 

3) For large clients: OTC-transactions on the basis of P2P algorithm or automated brokerage service (the team has experience of more than 5 years in the exchange business);

4) For beginners: demo accounts, tutorials, and tips.

Velvet Exchange also offers consulting services. The experienced team of lawyers and financiers is ready to assist clients in regulating the cryptocurrency flow in different jurisdictions, as well as opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses, etc. CVs are provided upon request. 

As already stated before, the prize fund for the first round will be $3,500. You can join the first round now by simply clicking the link.

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