With The Velix.ID Project, Identity Verification Crisis Will Soon Be a Thing Of the Past


Velix.ID is aiming to entirely eradicate the menace of identity crisis and ease the process of identity verification and its mode of sharing.
In our ever bustling world of roughly 7 billion humans, identity verification has since become a herculean task for startups and big firms, and it gets harder, with each passing day. Identity verification is a sensitive issue and must be handled with utmost care.
Some of the problems Associated with Identity Verification are as follows:
Identity Fraud – according to the BBC and Forbes, approximately $200 billion was lost to identity fraud in 2016 alone, worldwide.
Sensitive Data often gets tampered with – the data stored in traditional database systems often gets breached. Small firms and large corporations alike often encounter this enormous problem. For example, Uber, JP Morgan, eBay and much more have all met the challenge of data compromise at some point. Government databases also get hacked sometimes.
Time-Consuming and hardly efficient – Most firms spend hours, days or even months trying to verify customers’ identities. It is estimated that nearly $100 billion is spent by businesses annually just for identity verification.  With the Velix.ID blockchain system, all issues of identity verification will be sent into the abyss forever.
The Velix.ID Revolutionary Solution
The Power of Decentralization – Velix.ID is based on the Blockchain distributed ledger technology. Therefore data is stored in a decentralised form which makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to have access to it.
Compulsory User- Consent – With Velix.ID, the identity owner is entirely in-charge of his information at all times and ultimately determines how and to where this information can be sent.
No Need For Trust – Velix.ID’s use of blockchain technology and zero-knowledge proofs technology eliminates intermediaries in the handling of clients information.
In addition to the above features, Velix.ID also offers improved customer experience and very cost efficient.
CEO of Velix.ID said:

“Identity verification has been one of the biggest concerns in the last decade, globally because of the cost and risks involved in the process. I started exploring the identity space in 2015 when I discovered that my email ID got hacked in a mass data breach.
The idea behind Velix.ID has always been to make it safer and more efficient to share & verify identities across the consumer markets. As a consumer I shouldn’t have to wait for days for the business to verify my identity before I can start accessing their services; it is a loss-loss situation for both businesses and their customers.”

Velix.ID Token Sale Information
The first phase of the Pre-Sale kicks off on January 27, 2018, with a conversion rate of 1 VXD = 0.65 USD (35% discount).
Pre-Sale Phase 2 goes live on February 3, 2018, with a conversion rate of 1 VXD = 0.7 USD (30% discount)
Crowdsale Phase 1 starts on February 10, 2018, with a conversion rate of 1 VXD = 0.8 USD ( 20% discount)
Crowdsale phase two begins on February 18, 2018, with a conversion rate of 1 VXD = 0.85 USD (15% discount).
Crowdsale Phase three goes live on February 26, 2018, with a conversion rate of  1 VXD = 0.9 USD (discount 10%)
For more information visit www.velix.id
Read the Whitepaper: www.velix.id/assets/Velix.ID%20White%20Paper.pdf
Telegram: www.t.me/velixID
Twitter: www.twitter.com/VelixId
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Email: neer@velix.id

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