Vegawallet DLT Project Launches Exciting New Mobile Payments System for Individuals and Businesses

Vegawallet DLT Project Launches Exciting New Mobile Payments System for Individuals and Businesses

Vegawallet, in its bid to improve crypto payments, recently announced a cryptocurrency app that allows businesses and consumers alike to make smooth and seamless crypto payments.

A New Crypto Payment App

The Vegawallet platform, which prides itself as the ‘’The complete cryptocurrency platform’’ has announced that it would allow businesses to receive crypto and also sell to their customers.

This does not also stop the businesses from receiving traditional credit cards and cash payments
The primary purpose of this recent innovation by Vegawallet is to bridge the gap between customers who are willing to pay in cryptocurrency and businesses that do not fancy accepting cryptos as a means of exchange for their goods and services.

The platform through its application (VegaPay) tries to solve the problem by transferring the authorized amount to its built-in exchange, then send its equivalent in traditional currency to modern payment terminals through near field communication (NFC) technology.

The recent development makes payment in cryptocurrency more accessible than it was previously, and more importantly, there is no need for a special debit card or chip.

The platform offers two key features: during the sale of its token, users of the platform will be able to use the multi-currency digital asset wallet and also the built-in exchange.
The products will be available to the public very soon.

Vegawallet Point Of Sale

Another interesting service on the Vegawallet platform is the POS services. The Point Of Sale system allows businesses to interact using cryptocurrency and also allows the companies to purchase crypto.

The Customers will also have the opportunity to add cryptocurrency into their Vegawallet account on check-out. The customers are not restricted to one form of payment, as they can also pay in cash.

The platform also allows businesses to sell cryptocurrency straight from any wallet or charge a commission for selling the funds from the Vegawallet exchange.

Vegawallet will introduce its latest development, called Vegapay at the end of the phase two development. The application will help customers verify the transactions and use the Vegawallet exchange to trade the correct amount of cryptocurrency in the customer’s wallet, to fiat currency and enable them to pay at any location that does not accept digital currencies.
Vegawallet since inception has collaborated with many firms, AscellaHealth for example partnered with the platform to enable its customers to pay more conveniently.

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