Vanig International Launches Own Blockchain Powered E-Commerce and Supply Chain Platform

Vanig International Launches Own Blockchain Powered E-Commerce and Supply Chain Platform

Blockchain startup Vanig International has announced the creation of its integrated-Commerce and supply chain blockchain solution.

Experts have said that the e-commerce ecosystem will triple in value in the coming years and the B2B e-Commerce space hit $20 trillion in 2017. Therefore Vanig is poised to use its blockchain solution to revolutionise the e-Commerce and supply chain world.

In a blockchain ecosystem where many projects are only interested in duping investors, Vanig will stand out from the growth with the following unique features.

It helps a vast array of supply chains and e-Commerce businesses mitigate challenges and provide better brand experience, via its HyperLeder sawtooth integration.

Vanig eliminates third parties and offers a highly transparent and secure platform


The platform is user-friendly

Vanig provides provenance information on products.

The platform has integrated Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning into its processes to make advertisers reach their real targets and enhance the shopping experience for users.

Launched in April 2018, the platform already has 20,000 unique members on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, which is an indication of greater things to come.

The Vanig MVP is on the verge of getting released. The MVP will come with cutting-edge functionalities. Ethereum and Hyperledger Sawtooth will be integrated into it.

The Vanig team is made up of a vast array of heavyweights in the blockchain industry, some of which include

The founder of LDJ Capital, David Drake. He will assist the startup in the areas of token sale and business development.

Paddy Tan and Alan Wong, they are highly experienced ICO advisors who have helped several projects succeed.

Don Quartiere, a supply chain expert. He recently served at Kuehne and Nagel, where he helped the team with an inbound logistics strategic plan.

Syed Ali and Jeremy Khoo, serial entrepreneurs.

Vanig has also established partnerships with highly reputable firms in South East Asia, some of which include

iFashion Group, a leading firm that’s into fashion and lifestyle products

MagaxStore, a marketplace that runs several retail stores and six brands. They will integrate the Vanig token into their operations soon.

iCommerce Asia, an integrated logistics firm in Asia.

CEO of Vanig, Dan Ramirez said that:

“We have assembled a global team of experts in E-Commerce, Supply Chain and Blockchain, to work on this ambitions project. We have also forged great partnerships with exciting companies in the South East Asia region to enable us to make quick progress with our rollout once we finish our token sale. We are in private sale period now, and our main token sale will be live from June 2018. The journey is just getting started for Vanig and team Vanig is all geared up for this challenging and exciting ride.”

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