UTRUST and DigiByte Join Forces to Offer Users a Highly Secure Multi-Crypto Payments Solution

UTRUST and DigiByte Join Forces to Offer Users a Highly Secure Multi-Crypto Payments Solution

The UTRUST team has announced successful blockchain integration with the reputable DigiByte platform.
With this innovative initiative, users can now use a vast array of cryptos securely on the platform. UTRUST has always offered a highly functional crypto payments gateway, for their daily virtual currency transactions.
However, with the alliance of both firms, UTRUST will now add the DigiByte token to its array of cryptos, which includes the Pundi X token it added recently.
In essence, it is safe to say that UTRUST is very much on the verge of becoming a global player in the crypto payments industry.
DigiByte Awareness Team Marketing Manager, Rudy Bouman reiterated that:

“We are excited by the prospect of working with UTRUST and getting DigiByte to be your payment processing solution; this would allow us to grow organically and attract more interest as an open source solution. We hope not only to create a robust decentralized public blockchain but to change the world for the better.”

UTRUST and DigiByte both have dedicated and a loyal customer base that appreciates the excellent functionalities of the platform.
Additionally, both platforms offer users the cheapest fees on the UTXO blockchain. Also, the DigiByte development team consists of blockchain experts who have worked with a vast array of crypto projects over the years.
Just like a typical blockchain-based platform, DigiByte has no central point of failure. A globally distributed node protocol effectively secures the platform.
The UTRUST platform is the world’s first crypto payments platform that offers buyer protection and instant payments.
The platform is determined to create the best payments platform the world has ever had, with a dedicated team of support staff, always ready to solve clients problems.
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