Unibright Token For Creating Smart Contracts For Businesses Will Be Traded On QRYPTOS

Unibright Token For Creating Smart Contracts For Businesses Will Be Traded On QRYPTOS

Unibright, the unified framework for blockchain based business integration, is preparing to listing on QRYPTOS exchange. UBT utility token required to access Unibright’s tool box, will be available to users starting August 14th. The first 100 accounts containing the project’s utility token, are promised to be rewarded.
Unibright is a German-headquartered company aiming to provide the blockchain technology and smart contracts to mainstream usage. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, smart contracts get generated, deployed and updated automatically based on visual definitions.
With the aid of tools such as Visual Workflow Designer, Contract Lifecycle Manager, Explorer and Connector, Unibright gives anyone the ability to craft powerful blockchain-based solutions with no coding skills, transform visually designed workflows into code at the push of a button and connects existing IT landscape with different blockchains and smart contracts. Various templates like “Multi Party Approval”, “Asset Lifecycle”, “Batch Tracing” and many others are suited for different business cases.
UBT, the Unibright utility token which will be soon available to QRYPTOS’ users, is required to register smart contracts deployed on the platform, to purchase workflow templates and smart adapters and to serve other ecosystem-determined purposes.
QRYPTOS is an exchange developed by QUOINE, a leading fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology. The company is licensed by the Financial Services Agency, a Japanese government agency and a financial regulator. The exchange is compliant with both KYC and AML standards which serve as an additional factor for the protection of traders.
QRYPTOS, as well as a number of other exchanges, got through a very thorough testing and was carefully selected in terms of status of the project, customers, partners and meeting the requirements of blockchain world, states Unibright. Only a few exchanges fulfilled Unibright’ ideas, the team highlights.
Start and bonuses
UBT will be listed on QRYPTOS on the August 14th, at 2 pm CEST. For the first 100 new QRYPTOS accounts getting KYC-approval and holding at least 100 UBT, QASH tokens worth 10 USD will be granted for free in the middle of September. Create your account before 14 of September using the following link:

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