Tz Libre Blockchain Platform Airdrops TZL Token to Tezos Contributors

Tz Libre Blockchain Platform Airdrops TZL Token to Tezos Contributors

The TzLibre token went live on June 4, 2018. TzLibre is a fork of DLS-Tezos and also a trustless and hard-capped implementation of the Tezos project.
From June 4, 2018, are those who participated in the Tezos project will start receiving the TZL tokens.
TzLibre is developed by some die-hard fans of the Tezos project who were not entirely satisfied with the way the project was handled.
Therefore, they decided to fork Tezos, and that is how TzLibre was born.

The TzLibre Advantage

Funding- TzLibre has pledged to put investors interest first at all times, defend the Tezos foundation against all forms of threat from external forces or even the founders and ultimately ensuring funds are not tampered with.
In DLS-Tezos, founders of the platform were given 20 percent of the total token. However, TzLibre will give the same amount of tokens to its network validators. A hard cap of 763 million tokens has been set for the project.
The governance of the TzLibre ecosystem will be quite orderly. There are “eternity clauses” hardcoded into the system to ensure transactions remain immutable, eliminate account freezing and other excellent features.

Legal Matters

Unlike Ripple, which has been investigated by the SEC for being security, TzLibre is an independent team, and it’s not in alliance with any company. Hence, it can’t be defined as security.
The Foundation charter makes it possible for various Tezos implementations to be funded.

“[tezos Foundation] primary – but not exclusive – endeavor is the promotion and development of the Tezos protocol and related technologies.’

The TzLibre Mission

The team strongly believed if the former president of Tezos Foundation, Johann Gevers hadn’t been ousted, there would have been a healthy balance between his authority and the founder’s power.
However, TzLibre was launched on March 22, 2018, shortly after he was ousted.
Presently, even with the censorship of the TzLibre fork on all Tezos social media platforms, contributors have refused to give up on TzLibre, and about 5 percent of them are now following TzLibre on social media.
The TLZ token will be traded on the ForkDelta decentralized exchange. Trading begins on June 4, 2018.
TzLibre is in partnership with the Ethereum Commonwealth and the ZClassic communities.
The TzLibre team will also sensitize the public about centralized blockchains developed and run for profit by private firms.
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