TrueUSD Announces The Launch Of Its Fountain Incentive Plan Of $1B To Bolster The DeFi Space

TrueUSD Announces The Launch Of Its Fountain Incentive Plan Of $1B To Bolster The DeFi Space

TrueUSD, the first independently-verified stablecoin redeemable 1-for-1 for US Dollars is set to financially impact early projects within the DeFi ecosystem via its Fountain Incentive Plan.

Following a recent press release, TrueUSD had officially announced the launch of the program which has been designed to serve as a growth incubator for projects with potentials in the industry. The Fountain Incentive Plan will introduce $1 billion worth of TrueUSD and other digital assets to reflect and execute the idea of an endless flow, representing the constant injection of new stimulus through the DeFi ecosystems and projects with high potential.

Via the Fountain Incentive Plan, TrueUSD will provide full support to enhance the ecosystems and DeFi projects of different public chains and stimulate the growth of quality projects through in-depth strategic cooperation.

It appears that TrueUSD has its plans focused on impacting the DeFi space financially and every other form of resources it can offer within its capacity. The project also disclosed plans to provide physical supports to foster the development of the targeted projects. It revealed that it would regularly organize various activities to foster full cooperation among ecosystems.

The team behind the project noted the benefits available for projects that would be among the TrueUSD ecosystem saying;


“Projects that wish to join the TrueUSD ecosystem will also benefit from the resources offered by TrueUSD’s strategic partners, paving the way for their entry to the DeFi 3.0 era.”

TrueUSD has integrated with a number of DeFi projects, hence the system is enriched such that it is capable of bringing substantial and stable liquidity to protocols.

More interestingly, the agenda that comes with the Fountain Incentive Plan, will see TrueUSD joining efforts with other DeFi protocols to provide needed liquidity.

The team welcomes participation from interested projects to join them on the journey to further develop the DeFi ecosystem saying;

“Aside from our existing partners, we warmly welcome the participation of premium projects from other chains to join us in taking the growth of our DeFi ecosystem to the next level.”