Tron CEO Says Second Half Will Be Great For TRX: Does Justin Have New Plans Up His Sleeve?

Tron (TRX) Still Struggling Despite Key Development Updates, Properly Bullish Above $0.30

The Tron ecosystem has been crammed with controversy ever since Tron CEO postponed his lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett due to alleged kidney stones. The bizarre turn of events that followed had the prices of Tron (TRX) paying the price with Tron being brutally knocked out of top 10 cryptocurrencies. 

However, Justin is optimistic that the second half of 2019 will be extremely bullish as TRX rises from the ashes. Tron is currently standing at the 12th position by market capitalization, will it be making a resounding resurgence to its position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the second half of 2019? 

Second Time’s A Charm?

On 7th May, Sun made a bet on Tron (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) stating:

“TRON will be back in the top 10 in June! BitTorrent will be in the top 30 in Q2! Let’s wait and see!” 

Sure enough, the two cryptocurrencies soared and gained market value to reach the 10th and 30th positions respectively, as Justin had predicted.  However, all hell broke loose for Tron after its founder and CEO apologized for overhyping the lunch with Warren amidst allegations by the BitTorrent Creator, Bram Cohen claiming Sun had not signed off the last payment for BitTorrent

Today, Justin predicts that the next half of 2019 will be astounding for Tron. Fingers crossed, in this second half, TRX prices will surge in lockstep with its market cap, pushing it back to the top 10. 


Tron (TRX) Has A Great Future Ahead, Justin Alludes

Presently, Tron has gained 2.95% in the past 24 hours to trade at $0.022480 while its market cap stands at $1.4 billion as per data from CoinGecko. This is a noticeable drop from its market performance in the first half of 2019.

Despite this abysmal performance, Justin is optimistic about TRX’s future. He recently tweeted:

“Second half of 2019 for #TRON #TRX will be amazing!”

Does Sun Have New Plans In Store For Tron?

After Justin twitted this, a follower prodded him for more information about any new plans for the Tron ecosystem. Sun quickly responded saying:

“Soon I will have a letter out to our community regarding our plans for the rest of 2019.”

The Tron twitter community had mixed reactions. Some applauded Justin and were full of hope about TRX in 2019’s second half while others remarked that this could be another marketing stunt like Justin is infamous for.

The Tron community, therefore, has to wait and see whether Justin has big plans laid out for Tron as he expressed, or that was just make-believe.

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