Transcrypt Set To Make Acquisition Of Cryptocurrency A Seamless Process For All


Cryptocurrencies are becoming quite ubiquitous these days. Skeptics and crypto haters criticize cryptos saying it’s too volatile and lacks regulation, but when you take a closer look, you will discover that most of them barely know about cryptocurrencies or the underlying Blockchain technology.
December 30, 207, Zug, Switzerland
Transcrypt is poised to make cryptocurrency available to no matter their class or social status. With the Transcrypt platform, Cryptocurrency will be accessible from top financial brokers to the aged grandma in the village.
Whether you want to Invest in Bitcoin or use Altcoins to make purchases or even to pay taxes in cryptocurrency, Transcrypt will always be here for you, because Transcrypt is a universal payment system for individuals and businesses.
The Transcrypt app allows users to handle all transactions quickly and smoothly just like sending “hi” to a friend on your chat list.
Transcrypt works in-line with the Telegram messenger – it copies all contacts and message history. Clients can also add their cryptocurrency wallets and credit card details to the Transcrypt app.
By 2019, the company promises to introduce all critical functions for major retailers and will enable customers to pay for goods and services right in the chat messenger.
There is an in-built real-time conversion function. Therefore, users need not worry about their balances. Users of Transcrypt will receive payment in U.S dollar, Euros and an array of national currencies.
Nick Machulis, CEO of Transcrypt reiterated that:

“User convenience is more important to us than our ego. So we have decided to combine advanced technologies in one simple app, which allows customers to discuss, make a deal and pay for the purchase in one window. Soon it will be OK to solve all the financial tasks in [a] couple of minutes.”

The main aim of the Transcrypt team is to improve user experience by eliminating expensive, time-consuming and complicated transactions.
Transcrypt will enable users to buy, sell, and carry out crypto to fiat currency conversions and vice versa.  The platform can be used by professional investors and adherents of traditional financial institutions.
The beta version will be available to the public by the second quarter of 2018 and will enable users to send, receive and convert cryptocurrencies in the chat window. Cryptocurrency purchase and worldwide fiat transactions will be implemented within the year.
Presently, Transcrypt offers support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The end of 2018 will add other significant Altcoins.
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