Tradecurve Holders Ready For 50X Price Wave, EOS Crypto Community Members Await Significant Move

Tradecurve Holders Ready For 50X Price Wave, EOS Crypto Community Members Await Significant Move

EOS crypto community members on Twitter have recently expressed their disappointment in the performance of the crypto asset over the years. In 2018, EOS successfully closed the largest ICO sale in history, topping even Ethereum in total value raised. The crypto asset was even given a new nickname, “Ethereum on Steroids,” denoting a potential to outperform Ethereum.

Fast-forward to today, however, EOS’ value has been far from impressive. The blockchain network has quickly fallen down the pecking order. What was once a top ten cryptocurrency now sits on the 44th rank of crypto assets. While EOS investors are disheartened, Tradecurve holders anticipate the launch of the TCRV token, a crypto asset with the potential to make investors life-changing profits.

EOS’ Discouraging Price Trajectory

At the start of 2023, the entire crypto market capitalization rose significantly. While Bitcoin, Ether, and the likes saw gains of around 40%-50% at the end of January, EOS’ price appreciation was about 20%. The cryptocurrency’s price action reveals how interest has dwindled over the years.

Currently, EOS trades around the $1 mark. EOS’ current price indicates that the cryptocurrency is 95% below its all-time high. In recent times, the crypto market has drawn huge trade volumes. Despite the volatile nature of the market in general, EOS trade volume has steadily declined recently.

Users are running out of patience as the blockchain protocol has failed to deliver on its promises. At some point last year, one of the protocol’s core developers called out the Ethereum Foundation, urging the network to continue developing what was supposed to be the most scalable blockchain protocol. At a current price of $1, loyal EOS holders still await a significant move.


Tradecurve’s (TCRV) Trading Platform

Tradecurve is building a borderless trading platform that will cause a paradigm shift in the web3 ecosystem. Tradecurve combines the best features of a centralized and decentralized platform, providing a one-stop shop where traders can trade crypto, stocks, forex and commodities. The hybrid platform aims to solve many of the problems inherent in the sector and bring back the trust lost in big crypto exchanges due to a lack of transparency. No more high commissions and fees eating away traders’ gains; all assets can be traded from one account and access to leveraged products.

Tradecurve will also have some of the best features, like copy trading, automated trading via AI, crypto staking, and high leverage. The platform’s hybrid infrastructure model will support order book trading and automated market makers. The platform has also launched a token set to give immense gains. The token is currently in its presale state and is largely discounted.

Tradecurve’s (TCRV) Presale Details

The TCRV token is currently up for grabs at $0.01. However, the presale is progressing at records, with buyers expecting the price to 50X. Expert analysts expect the token to soar by as much as 100X when it lists on major exchanges. The high price expectation results from the token’s fundamentals and its role in the TCRV ecosystem.


An experienced team of blockchain developers backs Tradecurve, and the presale is already attracting multiple investors. While EOS holders seem stranded, Tradecurve holders are set to make massive gains as TCRV’s price soars.

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