Top Officials of Melonport Blockchain Project Join the Advisory Board of Midas App

Top Officials of Melonport Blockchain Project Join the Advisory Board of Midas App

Midas Technologies AG has announced the entry of Mona El Isa and Reto Trinkler into their advisory board. Both experts will be supporting the development of the Midas retail investing app.
The Melonport co-founders will be joining the highly reputable Thomas Linder of MME blockchain law firm. They will also take turns to function as company directors annually.
Melonport AG is a technology firm. They are the developers of the Melon protocol, which is a decentralized fund management tool.
Both Mon El Isa and Reto Tinkler have both been selected as members of Forbes “30 Under 30.”
CEO of Midas Technologies AG, Adrian Gallo said that:

“We are more than happy to welcome two of the most professional and experienced individuals in crypto to our board. Reto’s assistance in development questions will ensure the optimal integration of Midas with the Melon protocol. With Mona’s extensive expertise in financial industries and her wide network among industry leaders as well as regulators we gain strong support in making Midas an outstanding product.”

The Midas investment app gives users access to the Melon protocol. The app functions like a digital wallet. It allows users to store their cryptos.
Users can buy digital assets via the app or invest in other users portfolios seamlessly.
Additionally, users of the Melon app can have access to alternative retail assets like crypto collectibles and prediction markets.

“Ease of use is one of the most overlooked aspects in the design of blockchain applications and it’s what Midas is focused on with the Midas Touch. I’m very happy to be part of this collaborative effort to re-engineer one of the biggest industries of modern day society – Asset Management.”

Presale and Beta Launch

The Midas platform has been adding people to the Whitelist for their token presale. The Midas platform is still under development, but the beta signup has been launched alongside its token airdrop.
Before going live, there will be registered testers who will use the platform to ensure its absolutely perfect.
For more information visit
Beta sign-up:

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