To Foster Its Growth, John McAfee Admonished Everyone To Use Bitcoin

Outrageous Bitcoin Price Predictions And Their Current Progress

In one of John McAfee’s latest tweets, believing everyone knows what would foster bitcoin’s growth admonishes the community to “USE IT!!!”

The Only Way Out; DEMAND

Mr. McAfee looks quite disturbed about the current stance of bitcoin judging by his tweet. His Tweet, which was in the form of a question to the community had one obvious answer; demand.

He probably expects that by now, after a decade bitcoin have been in existence, it should be used for various purposes rather than being used as an investment instrument alone.

The Push For Adoption: Much Stronger Now Than Ever

McAfee’s tweet drew the attention of who-is-who in the community. It also got a lot of comments too.


Some of those who commented drew McAfee’s attention of’s quest i9n spreading bitcoin’s adoption. Many people have sighted these ads on digital billboards in San Francisco which read, “TIME FOR PLAN B,” with the “B” represented by bitcoin’s logo.

Someone else had also noticed a similar ad in San Diego last year. However, the community would need a whole lot more to get everyone on board.

What’s Hindering Adoption?

There were also a host of others who agreed it’s time to replace the fiat with bitcoin but also pointed out one major hindrance. A user by the id @tickerzoid, while voicing his opinion indicated that bitcoin’s terrible user experience had caused the hindrance, @a_haddon_94 and @Berzs89 also shared a similar opinion with @tickerzoid, but they added that using bitcoin was very slow and also cost a whole lot to use.

A Possible Solution

One good thing about bitcoin is that it’s an open-source project. Therefore, there’s been a lot of people working on pushing bitcoin to a global adoption stage focusing on its agility and ease of use.

Hopefully, someday in the near future, there’ll be a breakthrough to the present problems hindering bitcoin from its use as a global currency.

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