Timechain Taps Fireblocks Network To Improve Its Institutional Reach

Timechain Taps Fireblocks Network To Improve Its Institutional Reach

Timechain continues its push to bring cryptocurrency solutions to institutional-grade clients by joining the Fireblocks network.

Global demand for exposure to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance has risen strongly throughout 2021. Timechain, as a Canadian firm specializing in digital assets and DeFi solutions, brings its tools to a global audience. Its advanced trading and financial tools elevate the company above other Canadian service providers. Additionally, TimeChainSwap, the distributed exchange aggregator in the Timechain ecosystem, signifies the importance of interoperability by leveraging liquidity across multiple networks. 

The objective of the Timechain team is to gain a bigger footprint among institutional users. As banks, hedge funds, and asset managers exhibit a growing demand for cryptocurrency and decentralized finance exposure, now is an excellent time to make inroads in this segment. 

Timechain’s partnership with Fireblocks ensures that hundreds of new potential users can access its tools and solutions. Fireblocks’ network spans clients active in global banking, over-the-counter trading- hedge funds, liquidity providers, and more. 

Timechain CEO Louis Cléroux states:


“This partnership allows us to offer our customers an ultra-secure product and will give us the opportunity to scale up our business in the future. This is an important step in the growth of our company. We will also be able to continue our efforts to educate the general public about the world of cryptocurrency.”

The ongoing growth of the Fireblocks network has not gone unnoticed. Fireblocks launched in mid-2020 and now has six times as many network participants. Over 400 members are part of the network today, making the integration of Timechain a crucial development. All Fireblocks network participants can access Timechain’s decentralized finance solutions and crypto asset management options. 

Fireblocks CEO and Co-founder Michael Shaulov adds:

“We are excited to continue expanding our footprint in Canada, and this integration with Timechain will enable Fireblocks to help secure the assets of Timechain’s customers in the region. By allowing customers the ability to leverage the security of the Fireblocks infrastructure, Timechain will be able to expedite the introduction of new tools while growing the roster of digital assets it can support.”

Fireblocks is a strategic partner for Tiechain, as the company offers top-notch digital asset security. Institutional clients can keep digital assets safe by securing API credentials and private keys and not relying on traditional deposit addresses. That approach aligns well with Timechain’s various revenue streams, including DeFi NFTs and TimeChainSwap rewards, among other options.