TiB Experts About Optimistic Crypto-Forecasts

TiB Experts About Optimistic Crypto-Forecasts

Max Keiser, the founder of Heisenberg Capital, predicted bitcoin to rase above $15 000 resistance an incoming week. We ask the comments of Anna Voychik, a senior analyst trader at TiB fund commented on Keyser’s forecast about bitcoin.

It seems that another wave of bitcoin exchange rate growth has begun. This year will be remembered for a long time by all crypto-asset holders as the time of real roller coaster on the charts. With a minimum of $5,500 in early May, the price of the main cryptocurrency reached $ 13,000 at the end of June. The BTC dominance index has also changed markedly: from 50% to 65%.

Of course, in this situation, there are a lot of diverse forecasts about the near and not so near future of digital gold. One of the most interesting and ambitious was made by Max Keyser, founder of Heisenberg Capital. In his opinion, already in the coming week, the Bitcoin exchange rate will overcome the $ 15,000 mark. The forecast is indeed more than optimistic, but before rushing to invest in cryptocurrency, it is better to listen to the opinions of experts.

TiB fund is an international cryptocurrency project engaged in the analysis, monitoring, and investment in digital assets. Anna Voychik, a senior analyst trader at the company, commented on Keyser’s forecast.

– It is well known that Keyser has been buying bitcoins ever since the exchange rate was one dollar per unit, so he has a certain understanding of the market. The timing of such growth, of course, looks somewhat optimistic.


– What is the reason for the growth rate this time?

– The team of TiB analysts is quite closely involved in this issue, and we believe that one of the significant factors may be the prospects of the global economic downturn.

The trade war between the United States and China is escalating, Britain is moving towards Brexit, which could plunge the European economy into a state close to chaos. In addition, there is a rapid decline in some national economies. For example, in Venezuela and Zimbabwe, there is a huge level of inflation.

– How does this directly affect bitcoin?

– The uniqueness of bitcoin is that it is not controlled centrally and, due to this, according to many experts, is the best alternative to paper currencies.

Compared with the latter, cryptocurrency has the potential to be protected from federal monetary policy. And this trend over time has quite good development prospects.

– But what about volatility?

– Even with noticeable fluctuations in the exchange rate, now bitcoin is more stable than some local currencies. Growing economic problems may well lead to investors starting to see decentralized assets, such as bitcoin, as a means of long-term investment.

In addition, multidirectional dynamics provides ample opportunities for earnings for crypto traders. Customer reviews of TiB fund suggest that Bitcoin is currently the most popular digital asset

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