Thothus: Cardano-based Scalable Metaverse DEX

Thothus: Cardano-based Scalable Metaverse DEX

Since the evolution of Thothus, a Cardano-based platform that is committed to improving and facilitating the DeFi gaming and metaverse industry, the rate of adoption from investors has been quite impressive considering it’s a young project.

With a team of experienced developers, Thothus has been working toward improving its user services while expanding its functionalities after it introduced its seed round event which was launched a few weeks ago.

Seed Round Oversubscribed in 6 hours

Considerably a good way to start, the seed round saw participation from investors from different parts of the globe. More impressively, a recent announcement has unveiled that the platform saw an oversubscription in the seed round within 6 hours. According to the announcement, subscriptions that could not meet the seed round were listed for the private round whitelist.

Being a Cardano-based project, the project is gaining momentum as investors are beginning to realize that the network has assuring tendencies to challenge the monopoly structure of the crypto world. Thus, the oversubscribed seed round of Thothus tokens reflects the huge demand for quality Cardano-native DeFi projects.

Thothus Offers Users Exclusive Metaverse Opportunities

As said earlier, Thothus continues to gain traction since it found its way to the digital assets market, thanks to the loads of exclusive functionalities it offers to users in the metaverse industry.

  • Thothus features Metaverse Swap. This feature allows users to buy and sell digital games & metaverse assets with other players in a trustless environment.
  • Thothus presents users with a Metaverse Marketplace where in-game & metaverse Non-Fungible Tokens  can be auctioned and used for various purposes in a decentralized environment.
  • Users of Thothus are as well entitled to a Metaverse Farm. The metaverse farm allows farming of game & metaverse tokens by staking them as collateral in a smart contract.
  • Thothus features a Metaverse Library that provides users with a virtual library where they can gain access to helpful materials to provide the Thothus ecosystem with knowledge and compensation.
  • Thothus also adopts a system that analyzes the currently available games or metaverse rooms on the market and assigns each game a ranking based on their play-to-earn profitability, this protocol is dubbed Metaverse Ranking.