This Financial Expert Strongly Believes Bitcoin Could touch $40000 by the end of 2018

This Financial Expert Strongly Believes Bitcoin Could touch $40000 by the end of 2018

The BitcoinIRA team is confident with high optimism that the biggest global market cryptocurrency will bounce back from its recent dip.
The second to none digital currency crashed to a record low from a peak of $20000 recorded earlier in the year. But, there is bullish hope that Bitcoin could reach $40000 before the end of 2018.
The Chief Operations Officer of BitcoinIRA, Chris Kline remains optimistic that the most prized and largest digital asset will leverage on a number of factors to retain its top spot and also rise in value.
The company insists that there are four wings which its expert’s price prediction of such positive rebound will rest on.
One of such is the Bitcoin ETF proposal that is believed to scale through the requirements of SEC with a view for approval. The proposal is hugely expected to expand the market for Bitcoin, making it more open to new investors who are hitherto wary of its volatility and high risk.

“Launching a bitcoin ETF would, to me, be a crucial advancement in the cryptocurrency sector, as it will make digital currencies more accessible to a wide range of people who might currently deem them too volatile or high-risk,”.

In fact, the team insists that with ETFs, investors who are willing to put their money into the crypto fund will benefit more than those who invest in just crypto.
Bitcoin will also leverage on the use of a unique technology, the Mastercard. Having received its patent right shortly after launching it in July 2018, the technology will speed up blockchain-based transactions. The focus is to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction.
With this tool, crypto customers can make use of the credit card which has a cryptocurrency reserve. This is designed by creating a user account that users can use to transact in cryptocurrencies.
Furthermore, Bitcoin digital currency has also received a large interest in institutional investments and that will bolster the chances of the cryptocurrency in the market.
The BitcoinIRA Exec also rests his prediction of a potential rise on the number of chain transactions carried out on the blockchain. The data is received suggests the amount of transaction executed within a day exceeded 230,000, and that is the highest since January 2018.