These Three Tokens Are Likely To Hit A Massive Breakout In Trading Price This Month

These Six Cryptocurrencies will Likely Spark the Bull Run Of 2019

In the cryptocurrency market, as often as seven days figures take different significant turns, all of which go on to determine the overall trading price of every token and coin. This year, as with every other year, so many cryptocurrencies have made highly significant moves, ones that have consistently added value to the market.

More impressive is the fact that since the year began some of these high performing cryptocurrencies have made this turn around in barely a month. As we enter the new month, it will be interesting to highlight three of the most promising cryptocurrencies that have positioned themselves for a bull run that is certain to birth an increased breakout in trading price.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has been making rounds since the month of February, and with its ability to maintain this same pattern through to a new month is remarkable enough to say that LTC is highly promising and very likely to hit a new yearly all-time high with a breakout in trading price.

A close look at LTC’s current performance reveals that this speculation is not far fetched as LTC is currently up by 4.45%, these gains are reflective in LTC’s current market cap which is only $5 million away from hitting $3 billion. More impressive is the fact that LTC’s current trading price of $48.59 is already nearing the $50 mark, thus the breakout is not very far away.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Looking at the historical data of the BNB coin, the slow and steady pattern best describes the nature of BNB. In terms of stability. Over the course of January and February, BNB has moved from the 13th to the 9th position all between a span of 4 weeks, following suit is BNB’s trading price of $6.54 as of January 21st is now $5 higher. What this means is that BNB now trades at $11.56 at press time, and is set out to hit $15 before the close of March.


Maker (MKR)

MKR asides being on the 16th spot has been consistent with volume and trading prices and although MKR may not be a trader’s first choice, the swift rate at which MKR is multiplying with gains have left this to be argued. As MKR positions itself for the $1000 mark, a breakout in trading price is likely to hit the token which now trades at $703.03. With MKR, think long term.