The Wunderbit Trading Platform Overview

The Wunderbit Trading Platform Overview

Wunderbit is an automated trading platform that allows new traders to copy trade. The exchange is designed to make this process as smooth and easy as possible for new traders to learn trading and profit from copying experienced traders. Trading is done through trading terminals, trading bots, or copy trading.

There are very few crypto exchanges that allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies using debit and credit cards. Wunderbit is one of such exchanges. Users can easily purchase cryptocurrencies of their choice on the exchange conveniently using their credit or debit cards.

In this study, we will consider some of the most intriguing features of the exchange, being an automated trading platform.

Features of Wunderbit

Smart Trading: Wunderbit allows traders to enjoy some privileges they will not find elsewhere, hence the term smart trading. The exchange provides flexibility in creating orders, including the ability to add and edit take profits, stop losses, and trailing stops to any order.

Marketplace: Wunderbit provides advanced automated trading software for traders. Through this software, they can easily select the best signals and then trade them on Wunderbit automatically once signal providers make such signals available. All providers of trading signals are available on Wunderbit and such signals are accessible in real-time.


Trading Bots: Not a fan of manual trading? Fine. Wunderbit Trading allows you to automate TradingView scripts and turn them into fully functioning trading bots. With these, traders can fully automate their trades and reduce the impact of their own errors in the trading process. The easy-to-use automated trading software makes it easy to construct or adjust trading bots to suit traders in a matter of seconds.

Spread Trading Terminal: A spread trading terminal is a trading option that allows you to choose which assets to use in a spread. With this feature, you can create a synthetic spread with low volatility based on any exchange-traded products. To use it, simply switch from classic trading to spread terminal trading from your dashboard.

DCA Bot: Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which investors buy an asset after the determined price deviation. DCA bots on Wunderbit help traders to do this automatically to lower volatility and improve their overall position entry price.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker: This feature allows users to effectively monitor their crypto portfolio using this tool. All you have to do is connect your exchange API and you can track the balances of all your assets automatically. This supports all crypto exchange accounts.

Multiple Account Management: Customers are able to manage several accounts at once. This can be done manually or automatically using bots. With this feature, traders can choose several API accounts from an exchange and trade on all of them simultaneously when creating a trading strategy.

Supported Exchanges: Wunderbit supports many top exchanges including FTX, Deribit, Binance (Spot and Futures), Bybit, Bitmex, HitBTC, Bitpanda, Bittrex, Kucoin, OKEX, Kraken and FTX US.