The Revolutionary ImmVRse Blockchain-based Virtual Reality Platform Showcases in London

The Revolutionary ImmVRse Blockchain-based Virtual Reality Platform Showcases in London

At the recently concluded Blockchain conference in Olympia, London, the ImmVRse team presented their groundbreaking VR platform to a highly reputable audience made up of the crème de la crème in the blockchain world.
The team did not fail to wow the audience with their excellent VR project. ImmVRse explained in detail how their VR project would revolutionize the virtual reality space and the entire in general.
A vast number of first-time users were quite excited to try out some of the innovative ImmVRse products on display on the Oculus Rift system.
The primary aim of the presentation was to make users understand the importance of ImmVRse and VR in the content marketing world.
Although the ImmVRse team was not the only VR platform present, they, however, stole the show with their high-quality VR products on display.
The COO and Co-founder of ImmVRse, Limon Rahmon reiterated that:

“One of the key messages I have been advocating is the importance of VR content. This industry has been going through an exciting period of growth and speculation in the past 12 months. Numerous headlining snippets of news have been appearing on mainstream media. For instance, Google and AliBaba investing $1.4 billion into Magic Leap to develop a head-mounted virtual retinal display and Spielberg bringing VR to the big screen with his movie, Ready Player One.”

At current, firms in the gaming, healthcare and education industry occupy the frontline in terms of the application of VR.
However, other companies in the real estate, hospitality and the movie world have approached the ImmVRse team, asking for the best way VR could be applied to speed up growth.
The CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor also said that:

“ImmVRse will be the platform to bring all such content together and help showcase them to the world. Blockchain provides many benefits for our users including, gamification, rewards for participating, safe and efficient transactions between all stakeholder and copyright infringement.”

Token Sale Information

The ImmVRse token sale is live now and runs until September 7, 2018. For more information, visit
The immVRse team is not resting on its oars, therefore they have made it clear that they’ll be present at a vast array of events this year.
The ImmVRse team is The ImmVRse squad is made up of experts from various fields of learning, some of which include:
Farabi Shayor – CEO. He has more than 10 years experience in development of market deliverables, brand identities and more.
View his full profile at
Limon Rahmon, COO & Co-founder –
Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing –
Mark Higgins – Chief Information Officer –
Peter Gostincar – Chief Technical Officer –

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