The HashByte Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Poised to Disrupt the World of Crypto Mining

The HashByte Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Poised to Disrupt the World of Crypto Mining

HashByte has been actively involved in the crypto ecosystem right from the onset in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin.
Of a truth, crypto enthusiasts all around the world can mine cryptos using their computers and sometimes, mobile phones. However, with the increase in mining difficulty as well as the surging price of electricity, the venture is becoming less lucrative with each passing day.
While there are entirely a vast array of cloud mining services to choose from, most of them hardly give users value for money.
However, the HashByte platform is determined to chase away all the fake cloud mining platforms by giving users best quality services.
Head of Engineering at HashByte, Anon said that:

“Essentially, we are trying to offer the lowest possible contracts, both to beat our competitors but to also save the environment. You see, traditional cloud-mining companies are using a hell of a lot of juice to get the machines up and running and a hell of a lot more to keep them online. In most cases, that electricity is just being delivered directly off the grid, contributing to fossil fuel and greenhouse emissions, which are damaging our planet.
People want to make money, and we get that, but why should us profiting, have to equal the destruction of this beautiful place we live? And another thing is, these companies are then charging their users in ‘maintenance’ fees, which is pretty much them just trying to keep on top of the ridiculous bills they are getting each month.
So we changed things. We opened up centers throughout Europe that are being sustained entirely from green energy, from both wind and solar with the goal of even utilizing biomass at some point in time. This means we have no electricity fees, no maintenance fees because we feel that should be on our shoulders, not our investors.”

At current HashByte is taking investments only in bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum but with time they’ll start expanding their services to include other altcoins like Monero and others.
HashByte currently offers investors lowest fees on the market thanks to its highly functional miners and the use of green energy.
HashByte is also offering 5% bonus to owners of social media platforms whose affiliates invest on the platform.
The HashByte team is confident that their efforts will encourage other companies to start looking towards offering investors better value for money and less harm to the environment.
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